Best VPN for Apple TV

Thomas Gilham
Best VPN for Apple TV

These are the Best VPNs to Try out on your Apple TV

Apple TV is a great way to enjoy movies and other forms of entertainment from the comfort of your living room. With it, you can view all music and videos that are housed in your iCloud account. And with iTunes, you have access to loads of films, many of which are newer than what’s available on anything else around, including Netflix. But if you want to ensure the security of your account, you would be in better hands with a VPN attached to your Apple TV. Setting everything up is painless, and you’ll have a piece of mind knowing that your television is secure. With it, you can also get on the web to view even more material that you wouldn’t have had access to without the VPN. Here are ten VPNs with servers that perform well on Apple TV. Check out the comparison list further down for additional stats for each brand. And when you’re done. Find out which are the absolute best from the list in the conclusion.

Why You should use an Apple TV VPN

Anything that connects you to the internet could technically be a risk for privacy intrusions. That includes Apple TV. You wouldn’t think it, but there are definitely vulnerabilities in the software. You could always keep up to date on what’s the latest risk, but this is something that’s constantly evolving over time. As for web vulnerabilities, much of it has to do with either the sites visited or the traffic that comes to and from your Apple TV itself. With a VPN, everything you do online will be protected by means of going through private servers. These are provided by the company you subscribe to. There are free versions of them but they don’t work very well, especially when handing lots of bandwidth. The things that you do on Apple TV take loads of bandwidth and require good speed, something that you won’t get from a free VPN. Stick to the paid brands and thing won’t likely become a hassle.

More on Security Benefits

As a whole, VPNs are great for increasing the level of a user’s security when online. As mentioned, Threats are always on the loose, and you never know when the next big bust will be, or what company has been affected by it. When you go on the internet, you should already be on the lookout for phishing attempts, social engineering, and virus riddled sites that pass as legitimate. But on top of that, how you connect warrants concern as well. And this is where VPNs step in. Everything you do on a trusted VPN will not be read by others, meaning that your ISP won’t know the details of your browser, and sites cannot find out where you log in from. All info will be kept on your person. Although VPNs do have other people using the service at the same time, this is necessary in order for you to remain anonymous. If there wasn’t anyone using it with you, your whereabouts would be easier to see for outsiders. The more you blend in, the higher your anonymity.

Apple TV will never stall or block you from the VPNs that are reviewed below. On them, you might run across the occasional server that doesn’t work well or is a little slow, so stick to American and/or European servers first. Since this is where most people will set up accounts with their Apple TV, VPNs tends to focus their best servers on those regions. But some of them also have a reliable server in Asia and Africa. Whichever region you need for a VPN server, you’ll find it with one of the VPN choices shown. And if you really want to play things smart, you can always start up your account with a free trial. This will allow you to shop around until you find the VPN that works best for your home entertainment setup. Most of them have a trial period that will last between one to 30 days, and a money-back guarantee to boot.

Plans are usually sliced up into months or longer. You could subscribe to a plan for one month, allowing the VPN to debit your payment account of choice on a monthly basis. But this isn’t recommended unless you don’t plan on using the VPN for a long time. Other plans include bi-annually, yearly, or three-year deals. The longer you let the plan go for, the more saving you’ll get in return. Yet this is only useful if you do anticipate having the VPN for longer than a year. Remember, the most expensive of all plan will always be the shortest. And the keep things neutral, VPN companies do this so that you’ll be more likely to upgrade the service this way.

Looking at the Comparisons

  • NordVPN: Support Video Streaming: Yes; Server Amount: 5000; Number of Users at Once: 5
  • CyberGhost VPN: Support Video Streaming: Yes; Server Amount: 4500; Number of Users at Once: 7
  • VyprVPN: Support Video Streaming: Yes; Server Amount: 700; Number of Users at Once: 5
  • ExpressVPN: Support Video Streaming: Yes; Server Amount: 130; Number of Users at Once: 3
  • IpVanish: Support Video Streaming: Yes; Server Amount: 1300; Number of Users at Once: 10
  • VPN Area: Support Video Streaming: Yes; Server Amount: 200; Number of Users at Once: 5
  • Hotspot Shield: Support Video Streaming: Yes; Server Amount: 1300; Number of Users at Once: 5
  • Surfshark: Support Video Streaming: Yes; Server Amount: 800; Number of Users at Once: 5
  • PureVPN: Support Video Streaming: Yes; Server Amount: Over 10,000; Number of Users at Once: 5
  • Proton VPN: Support Video Streaming: Yes; Server Amount: Over 10,000; Number of Users at Once: 5

Top 10 Best VPNs for Apple TV

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the better choices for your Apple TV. That’s because so many of their servers (about 2000) are geared for handling high amounts of data without logging you off. And in the event that you do end up offline, you’ll never have to worry about iTunes or Netflix figuring out your real DNS and IP address. The kill switch works perfectly to hide you, so go ahead and watch your movies at any time, even during a thunderstorm. You can purchase it with Bitcoins if in need of privacy at checkout, which Nord wouldn’t be able to know your full credentials if doing so. You’ll pay a good penny over the long run, however. Consider NordVPN if you’re planning on having a VPN for a year or longer since that would be the best way to cut the costs down.


  • Netflix and Hulu are easy to access from the VPN with no big reductions in speed when on
  • There are many ways that the service can be paid for, including with Bitcoin
  • Browser access from the Apple TV is speedy, and sites load up at the same rate as using it with a normal ISP


  • The service can be quite costly over a long period, especially if making payment month to month

2. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN is another reputable VPN with quick servers that log on in seconds. It works great when playing movies on Netflix, also being a good software to download when away from home. As for speed, tests almost always indicate a high degree of performance. The server count numbers in the thousands. Switch over to those that you enjoy the most, or find one good server to use indefinitely. You shouldn’t have to alternate between servers too many times though, but the best way to get around doing this if you bothered by it is by using a router to connect your Apple TV with instead. CyberGhost can be embedded on to the router, which would also allow unlimited access to the VPN by everyone that’s linked to the router’s signal. Buffering is rare, change your settings in the streaming site of your choice to watch your favorite films in 4K picture quality.


  • Movies and other streaming content plays flawlessly on the VPN
  • Has a large listing on servers that can be set up with an Apple TV
  • Downloading content will go by quickly and won’t take several hours to do with one video


  • The servers may go out on some instances, requiring the user to log back on again

3. VyprVPN

VyprVPN contains servers that are specifically geared for watching streaming websites. Anyone with an iTunes account knows that movies look exceptionally when they’re purchased in the highest definition available. And with VyprVPN, you’ll get no skipping in between scenes, even when the movie first begins. Use your router if you need to, or simply set it up on your Apple TV directly. When everything is hooked up and ready to go, the VPN will sign you on but never keep logs of what you watch or do on the system. Use only with a good broadband connection, and VyprVPN will always work in a manner that’s well above satisfactory.


  • Great for high definition video playback, doesn’t lag or buffer when watching
  • Has router support for the Apple TV that can be set up without extensive knowledge on the settings on the device
  • Never logs users information or sends data to third parties


  • Will not work fast on ISPs with slow traffic that typically below 10 Mbps

4. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN may have a smaller amount of server that what you might find on some of the other VPNs listed, but that’s definitely not a con. This consolidation actually benefits the company and allows you time spent on the servers commence with better anonymity since more people are on the same connection that you’re using. That won’t slow it down either, and you could watch Netflix and Hulu and top quality all day and never get a reduction of speed. The company can be found in the British Virgin Islands, which is a territory of the UK and not bound to the 14 eyes coalition in any way. Your privacy will remain confidential, so try out ExpressVPN when that’s is of the utmost importance.


  • Numerous dedicated public servers specifically for watching videos and listening to music online, including on Apple TV
  • Situated in the perfect location for no worries of surveillance attempts from official sources (not within the 14 Eyes group)
  • Good customer service reply times, even for small inquiries


  • Not recommended for users looking for the most cost-efficient VPN, quite expensive

5. IpVanish

IpVanish continues as a top-shelf VPN with stellar protocols and server quality. If you’re into live sports, you know that missing even one second of the game could determine whether the event was fun, annoying, or even disastrous. Live events play excellently and don’t result in choppy playback when ISP speed isn’t the highest. Other streaming content plays also plays well. Additionally, signing up for the VPN is very simple, which you could do from a computer or directly from the Apple TV itself. PayPay is an accepted payment method too, in case you don’t want to use your card or aren’t familiar with Bitcoin. Sometimes, servers might not work for Netflix, but just keep trying out what’s given until you get one that plays well.


  • Utilizes the best protocols to speed up speed and protect information shared over Apple TV via encryption
  • Great for streaming high definition sports, with virtually no drops are skipping at all
  • Easy and painless signup and payment process


  • Not so easy to find Netflix servers (although they are available)

6. VPNArea

VPNArea is serious about it’s no logging policy, which is laid bare on their informative website. If you like speedy servers and a good team of customer service reps that know how to solve problems, this is the right VPN for your Apple TV. There’s several protocols for the taking, most of them outfitted with encryption that’ll keep what you watch and look at in Safari perfectly safe from most hacking attempts. So long as you’re running your internet on a stable and reliable connection, server quality will never diminish.


  • The company has a solid reputation for no logging sensitive user data
  • While standard, the encryption has been tested with positive results to block all hacking attempts
  • Suitable to use with most paid streaming services, including Netflix


  • Speeds, while generally decent, may slow down on an unstable internet connection

7. Hotspot Shield

If you like to download files on your Apple TV, you’ll love Hotspot Shield. You can place on the entertainment system and get great speed levels at any time of the day. And it doesn’t matter how jammed the server is; things won’t ever slow down. On the contrary, your files would probably download quicker this way than on some computers. You can’t hook it up to a router but that’s not really necessary here; just put it on your Apple TV and browse your favorite web content as normal. Hotspot Shield is incompatible with all major protocols, using its own to encrypt web traffic on your device. If you’re not big on using protocols that you’re unfamiliar with or believe that this could throttle your connection speed from the ISP, don’t worry too much. It works well, no matter if you’re downloading files or using the VPN on another device for file sharing.


  • During downloads, files will never cancel or slow down to an annoying rate
  • Has good streaming quality over Netflix, YouTube, and other streaming websites
  • Suitable for homes with large families; multiple connections at once


  • The only protocol that can be used is one that belongs to the VPN itself

8. Surfshark

Surfshark leads in terms of router support. You won’t have to go out and get a VPN router to set things up. More than likely, it’ll work with the one you have now. Again, getting your Apple TV on a VPN can be done in this manner and is particularly helpful when you have lots of people using one internet connection. Customer service could be improved. You might end up waiting for two days or more to get a reply back after submitting a support ticket. This is somewhat forgiven by their very informative website, which will show you all the ways to which you can hook up the router. It’s a great VPN for people that like to use their Apple TV for more than just watching movies, and stay stable on slow ISPs without stalling too often.


  • Fully supported by routers for limitless connections
  • Good servers plan costs for the savings conscious
  • Their website explains in detail most issues that may come to pass from a setup with an Apple TV, including a comprehensive instructional guide


  • Anywhere from two to three days is the average wait time to get back via message; doesn’t support live chat

9. PureVPN

PureVPN is a nice option for people that want to save money. The costs of their plans are great, and the service has a money-back guarantee if you don’t like their service. If you do go with a subscription with PureVPN, you’ll probably not want to leave. The server function good and allow users to switch fast in between, at least on a computer. You can’t do the same on an Apple TV though, but nothing should occur where you’ll have to flip between them on a consistent basis. When you sign in to the router, PureVPN doesn’t keep tabs on the number of people on the network. Look around at other reviews will reveal that some feel that the VPNs logging policy is not entirely clear on this matter. Still, try out PureVPN if you’re not sold on the rest on this list. It just might be the right one that you’ve been looking for.


  • Their month-to-month plan is slightly less than the average for paid VPNs
  • Widespread support for most pieces of home and mobile hardware, including routers
  • Responsive and accurate playback when streaming over 4K


  • May log sign in attempts until connected (will not determine identity)

10. Proton VPN

Proton VPN is one of the newer kids on the block but has become respected very quickly. Much like the company’s outstanding email service, ProtonVPN has excellent security measures that don’t track users on their servers. Streaming works at an acceptable rate, no matter if your playing music or videos on YouTube and other websites. Apple TV applications also work well with the service but try not to get on with your sensitive accounts. The VPN has a reputation for having users result in their account getting blacklisted or locked. And you’ll probably be on your own in the event that something goes wrong with the service. If you can’t get in touch with anyone, Google or VPN forums would be your best friend. But ProtonVPN shouldn’t reduce in quality for the majority of people that try out the service.


  • Maintains an honest user agreement; doesn’t log or collect user information
  • Good for streaming content on a poor connection
  • Includes favorited protocols for connecting to outbound servers


  • Difficult to get in touch with a customer representative for help

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use my VPN on Apple TV AND computers at the Same Time?

Yes, you should be able to use a VPN on your Apple TV and other devices simultaneously. With some of them, you might have to stipulate this in the payment process. Some of the versions that are housed on phones might ask if you want the product for a singular device or more, so be careful if you’re doing it this way. You could also put it on a router that has the ability to take VPNs, which would make an unlimited amount of connections possible. There are many options for you to choose how many people have access to the VPN you use but the easiest way to add them is by simply downloading the product on your computer, then setting it up on the other pieces of hardware.

Will the VPN company know what I’m Viewing While Using on my TV?

Paid VPN will usually respect your privacy, so most won’t have access to the content you visit when you’re on the site. In some jurisdictions, a VPN company might technically be forced to hand over information about their user’s activity. This is one of the reasons why some companies have chosen to locate themselves in odd countries where one wouldn’t expect them to be. But surveillance aside, you’re paying good money to have a service, which allows them to keep you anonymous. Some VPNs that are located in countries where mass surveillance takes place can also get around the problem by staying away from the knowledge of their user base. Basically, you have nothing to worry about with most paid VPNs in regards to them knowing what you do online. If you’re really concerned about keeping yourself really anonymous, you could always try the Tor Network.

Will I encounter any Buffering or Slow Playback?

This question can only be answered with individual VPNs, not all of them entirely. That’s because there are advantages and criticisms for each, with no two VPNs being exactly the same. They’re run by different business, housed in different countries on different servers. However, most of the bad things are minimal and don’t always determine whether the product is recommended or not. Remember that this refers specifically to the VPNs listed in the reviews, as they’re the top choices you’ll find anywhere else online. So when you watch your streaming content, pay attention to see if there’s any slow playback. If so, check with your ISP if you’re not using a fast broadband connection in your home. If you are, you could then try switching servers or contact the company. Sometimes, simply changing your protocol configurations could do the trick of solving choppy streaming playback. If you do, make that the last resort before changing to a different service.

Are the VPNs listed above quick to Respond to Problems when contacted?

Again, this can only be determined on an individual basis. Most of the VPNs shown have great customer service reps that are competent and solve problems quickly. Customer service is key for many people, so look for products that at least offer an email ticket support system for contacting them. If you see a VPN that doesn’t have live chat or support tickets for contact, check if there’s a phone number that you can call, and call it during the free trial offer. That way you’ll at least know if you can reach someone if an issue does come up. If all of these methods of contact are unavailable, then you’re best would be trying a different VPN that has better ways of communicating with someone that works for the company.

Can they be Used Internationally?

People who travel might want to take their Apple TV with them. Or maybe you’re relocating to somewhere as an expat. In any case, having a VPN to go with your Apple TV will work wonders for keeping you in control of all your accounts while away from home. You’ll be able to sign on to Netflix and any other streaming content as if you never left. And if your home is already outside of North America or the EU, a VPN will open the doors to anything that you want to view that isn’t shown in your country. All of the VPNs included in this article won’t blacklist the foreign US or EU accounts that you make with them.


There were many great VPNs analyzed, and it’s difficult to say which one is the best. All ten of them have attributes that make them suggested for users, and you could try it yourself on a free trial when having trouble deciding. But if there was one that would be best for your Apple TV over all others, look into NordVPN first. However, Nord’s trial period isn’t very long, so don’t be afraid of getting to know the rest of the VPNs before settling with them. Test all of them out if you can; maybe you will see something in the other choices that aren’t a feature of Nord itself. No matter if it’s pricing, payment options, number of servers, or just plain old good customer service, these are what you’ll want to have on your Apple TV. And when you end up a happy customer, remember where you heard about the VPN first!