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PureVPN Review
PureVPN: Is it the Right VPN For You?

PureVPN is a well-known VPN application that has made waves with lots of cybersecurity enthusiasts. The brands are routinely named with other top VPN choices and has become famous for its low prices and very intuitive layout. You can find it on Mac, Windows, and Android systems as either a direct download or purchase within their stores. PureVPN also allows torrenting of files and can prevent unwanted access to your connection, using strong encryption features that are comparable to what’s equipped with military cybersecurity units worldwide.

If you like servers that are fast, dependable, and won’t slow down the rest of your programs on the computer or smartphone, you should definitely consider trying it out. The VPN also has a very generous free trial period, along with support for a few alternative systems such as Linux. Below, all things-from what the VPN can do to how it performs in speeds tests-will be shown.

All You Can Do with a VPN

VPNs are a great start to boosting the security of your computer, home entertainment system, and even mobile phone. You could even hook it up to dormant electronics that utilize WiFi within your home, such as surveillance cameras and television sets. But doing this, you’re ensuring that no one will have access to anything that you have in your residence, which also includes heavily used hardware. Sometimes, having an antivirus or basic firewall setup won’t be enough to keep yours from being detected through nefarious means. And by nefarious, this could describe their parties that you come across when on the web, to unknowing hackers that attempt to gain entry to your personal info. A VPN works by hiding your original IP address through a proxy or protocol, most of them being based on UDP or TCP.

These are necessary formats that will allow you to gain entry to the server without putting up with speed throttling that might have otherwise happened through your internet service provider. Many providers will cut the speed of your internet if they detect changes within your signal that indicate you being on a server. This, along with many other reasons, are a part of why it’s strongly recommended that you stick to only paid VPN services. And by doing so, you’ll get the very best in terms of anonymity and server quality that you just won’t find with freeware.

Pricing and Affordability

PureVPN has three plans that you can subscribe to. If needed, you could make a subscription to as many and you chose but should be okay with only one. The best-priced plan has a range of two years max, which would save you up to 70-percent if you paid for the service in that same amount of time with the month-to-month plan. And while it’s highly unlikely that you would do this, looking at the price difference might not being enough to convince you to try it out for two years, at least initially. The best method to pay when getting a VPN for the first time is to keep the plan as short as possible, especially if you want to do some shopping around first. You never know when one might come across that you like more than PureVPN. Still, the service remains a high contender, having lots more attributes that might keep you settled with the brands alone.

Payment Choices

Out of many of the VPNs that PureVPN competes with, it has to have some of the most varied payment options available. For instance, there are multiple ways that you can pay with Bitcoin. And an even bigger advantage to this the number of altcoins that are supported by PureVPNs payment system. Everything from Ethereum to Zcash is supported here, so try this one out fist if you have any funds stashed with one of the cryptocurrencies that are supported by the VPN. You could even use Paypal or Paypal Credit to subscribe to the service. And if there’s wasn’t enough, there’s also Skrill, Paysafe, and Alipay options. Gift cards may also be used. If you’ve ever wondered or complained about the lack of payment options that are housed with other VPNs, Pure will definitely get you excited just by looking at all the different ways they accept purchases from customers.

Free Trial and Reimbursement

PureVPN offers a three-day trial period for all new customers. You’ll have to submit your payment info for things to go through, but hey won’t debit your account until the period is over. As a precaution, you should always have your decision made upon whether or not you want the subscription at least 24 hours prior to the period end. You will ensure that nothing gets debited from the account this way. Their money-back-guarantee is honest and doesn’t take too long for funds to get back into your account, especially if you buy using crypto.

All Protocols and how they Protect You

PureVPN has five working protocols that are brand new and quite old. the standard protocol for the service is, like many paid VPNs, OpenVPN itself. OpenVPN is entirely open source, meaning that no company controls the protocol outright. Instead, users can tweak and change the way it behaves on their own without worrying about breaking any copyright laws (at least for most changes). OpenVPN also has outstanding encryption in the form of AES-256 tunneling. Your information will be placed into a cipher that is very difficult for hackers to figure out, and next to impossible when using brute force methods to hack.

Kill Switch Features

PureVPN will teach you on their website how to utilize the kill switch. If you wanted to make sure that things don’t turn into an incident that could end up getting you blocked from your home ISP, you should really understand how the feature works. If you thunderstorm passed over your home now, the chances of your power going out for a split second would increase. But in that time, your programs might disconnect from the internet, attempting to regain entry without any notification. PureVPN’s kill switch will block these sort of connections but placing a barrier in between where the signal going out, while also blocking anything coming in simultaneously. And to take things a step further, you could even signal in the settings the type of programs that you want to keep internet access on, or simply turn off everything.

How it Works with Tor and Other Browsers

PureVPN does work with Tor but might not be necessary for you to do, unless you’re dependent on the network for getting on websites that require a great deal of security. Many whistleblowers use the Tor Network for these reasons alone. Another good reason to try out a VPN with Tor lies in the chances that you have of keeping yourself “off the grid” when you’re browsing on ordinary sites within the network. Tor can reach normal .com links very easily, and won’t have major slowdown problems when upkeep of the room is met. On a different note, some may find that Tor doesn’t need a VPN at all. It’s a debatable subject that might leave you less anonymous than to sign up via tor through the methods provided already in the browser.

Widgets included with the VPN

PureVPN has a browser extension for Google Chrome, which can also be used on Opera if needed. It’s free, but never expect things to work when you’re not on the browser. Torrent files need an application for you to regain access, and the only thing that would be fine under such a condition is the shirt itself. You’ll need a VPN app for that. Yes, this problem exists mostly as a browser extension issue but can be easily avoided if you’re going with a program instead. It’s better that you try it out first, seeing as you’re probably not only concerned about browser activity when using on the internet. A browser VPN extension might also raise the chances of getting blocked from certain websites. Paypal would do it, including other strongly protected accounts that would get mixed up with the public VPN server.

Headquarters and Relationship with Host Country

If you’ve ever wondered where PureVPN is located, they’re headquartered in Hong Kong, which is a semi-autonomous region of China. They don’t fall under the direct jurisdiction of the Chinese government and enjoy some level of freedom that isn’t’ entirely possible with the mainland. It’s not a part of any five Eyes territory and has had mostly positive reviews regarding its logging and relationship with the Hong Kong government.

Even though the location is in the East, many of the popular servers are remotely located in the west and therefore better for being that must get on web content that has a base in either Nord America and Europe. Unless major stories take place regarding electrics and VPNs, it appears that PureVPN will remain out of the spotlight for a while. It might be surprising to see such a popular VPN choice come out of Hong Long, the truth is that the regions have become known for hosting tech companies that aren’t housed in China.

Server Number and Quality

PureVPN has over 30,000 unique server IP addresses that span over 130 countries. The number of serves is about 2000. This is significantly more than what many other top-shelf VPNs offer, making the service a great choice for people that want to use servers that might not be available on any other platform. The cities included are loads, and most time zones throughout the world are covered. Server quality also ranks high, with it being rare to find one that won’t work for it’s intended purpose. If you want to torrent, you can. Streaming can also be done on the same server that you look at movies on. If you do notice the server count dropping at times, there’s no reason to be alarmed. With the massive amount that is included, you’re going to have that number increase and decrease as time goes by.

Testing Its Speed

Testing out PureVPN with a speed test is what you should do when your not sure how well it would perform on your computer or internet connection. It doesn’t really matter what platform you do the test on; the results will be accurate, even on a smartphone. Look online and find a good tester, and make sure the site doesn’t ask you to do anything unexpected. One common Average for Pure VPN is about 55 megabytes per second when there’s a decent high speed connection in your room. This is download speed. Upload speed is about ten Megabytes lower than 55, something that’s expected. Lacey is well taken, with about 14 pings per millisecond. Like other VPNs of the same type, it has a relatively quick response rate.

Streaming Netflix and Other Music/Video Websites

This is a favorite pastime with VPNs. Streaming video content is where most paid services make their money and a big reason why individuals buy VPNs in the first place. Within the last decade, Netflix has come down hard on some VPNs, restricting their access while blacklisting sites that attempt to connect to the website or application. This won’t happen with PureVPN, and you’ll get to access all of your favorite media as regularly provided. Other sites such as Hulu and iPlayer will also work fine with most servers and have shown to be adjusted to where lag and buffering will not occur when content is being played.

You can also stream music sites from PureVPN. If you do this, remember that some sites and apps will not allow you to change your location automatically. Deezer is a good example of that. Spotify may not have this problem, but you’ll still want to use a VPN with it if you’re going to be away from home for a while. When looking at any music streaming that detects your IP address, remember that the best way to stop this from happening is by turning on the server (in this case, PureVPN) right before you activate the streaming content. This doesn’t just apply to smartphones, either.

File Sharing and Torrent Compatibility

PureVPN has the full support of torrent websites. If you have a hard drive that needs to be filled up with the latest movies and music media, then count the VPN as a great way to get your favorite client up and running in no time. everything from finding seeds to uploading content when your downloads are finished can be done effortlessly. You might even forget that there was a VPN being used by the application, to begin with. But that’s not the only file-sharing programs that PureVPN supports Soulseek is another one that will work with their servers and might even download at the same speed as what’s possible when you’re not connected to any VPN servers at all!

How it Performs with DNS Leaks

If you have had problems with DNS leaks in the past, PureVPN could be either hit or miss. While some have reported problems with leaks continuing to occur with the platform, others have touted the protection being its reliability. Whichever the case may be, try doing a leak test during the free trial when you begin with PureVPN. It should clear up any confusion in this manner, and let you know whether or not the service performs differently on your computer than others.

User Agreement and Logging Policy

If you want to know all about PureVPNs logging policy, you should read it yourself to get a full understanding of what it’s all about. The company claims to not log any information from users, but looking at the policy itself shows that generic information is recording, which includes the amount of data spent on their servers and number of connections. In PureVPNs defense, many of these policies are popular with other paid services as well, particularly the part about multiple people connecting to one account. VPNs have begun to log this info to keep people from using additional spaces on their servers that aren’t allocated. If you were to try and go over the number of devices that are stipulated by PureVPN for you to have with a single account, they would be able to read this. In a sense, it keeps people from slowing down and lagging the system. There doesn’t appear to be any malicious intend going on with PureVPN, which could make this a non-issue for most.

Customer Service and How to Contact

Customer service representative for PureVPN aren’t always very reliable, especially those that work for the live chat. But to keep things neutral, you will find reps that are great at what they do, those that fix problems quickly. But it simply isn’t reflective of all the experiences that have been reported on by other users. Some have also shown chats that resembled an automated text that was sent by the so-called representative. You could try email support but it might take a few days for them to get through to you. So unless you have just general questions that anyone from the company can answer, you’ll likely want to stick with the tried-and-true method of waiting for your ticket to be called.

Compatible Operating Systems

PureVPN will work on just about anything you throw at it. You can download it from Linux, Android, and Windows smartphone OS. It works with just about all Apple products, including the TV. the application doesn’t appear too different in between systems, so it’ll be easy enough for you to control without having to learn everything over from scratch when you put it on something that you may not have tried before. If you want PUreVPN for Chrome, you will have to get it through the Play Store on the OS.

Number of Devices that can Be Used with One Account

PureVPN will allow users to set up five devices with one account. It’s a good amount for a small to medium-sized family. It doesn’t matter where they access the content from either. you could be in a different country, and the guest of your prime account will still be able to use any server that he/she wants. It’s a good number, but can be increased if you need it to be. You can set up a router for the VPN also. If you do this, several brands such as Belkin, DDWRT, and Linksys are suggested, along with a couple of the others. No matter how many people are on, the devices are unlimited when on a router. Your bandwidth will not decrease, so you can continue to download those torrents once the router is hooked up.

How it Stacks Up against the Competition

PureVPN has some serious competition, including a full plate of rivals. Other choices such as HideMyAss and Surfshark are also good for the money, and cost about the same as Pure does. Their logging policies are a little bit more straightforward but don’t exhibit any great differences from this brand. As for speed, PureVPN is good but close to Surfshark when downloads are compared. It’s not better or worse than it’s competitors and has a good set of features that make the brand stand out.

Pros and Cons

PureVPNs general pros and cons are listed in the section below.


  • Prices are very easy to get behind – The monthly payment choice is $10.95, and there are one and two-years subscription options on the table.
  • Near-perfect number of Payment Options – As shown earlier, this is the selling point of PureVPN. If you have ever found yourself looking for a VPN service, you know that the use of altcoins isn’t something that has caught on to the mainstream yet. That you can buy such coins as easy as the prime source-Bitcoin-is a testament to how far cryptocurrency has become. If PureVPN manages to keep this sort of innovation going (where small details that customers complain about are actually read and changed), then there won’t be much to scorn over the years (or months ahead.
  • Devices support is wide and varied – You can get on PureVPN with lots of different phones, tablets, and computers. If there’s a computer that you own, chances are very high that your access won’t be blocked only from incompatibility.
  • The company doesn’t hide the fact that torrenting is supported – Has been consistent in its support for all torrent clients.


  • The logging policy of PureVPN could be difficult to understand – User agreements are one of those things that people don’t like to read, but should more often. Doing so can open one up to things that were being collected without the knowledge of the people that depend on the service. Try to compare the logging policy of PureVPN to the words that are listed on the company’s website and advertising page.
  • Getting through to a telephone agent might not be feasible – PureVPN makes clear that there are several different ways for one to contact a customer service rep successfully, But an automated reply is likely to occur during some hours of the day. If this happens to you, it might be better for you to try and get a ticket instead of waiting for replies that aren’t relevant to your problem.
  • The DNS may or may not leaks at times – DNS is one thing that can make or break the usefulness of any VPN application. Always try to check for this during the free trial period, so that you’ll know whether or not to keep it or try out another VPN altogether.


You just don’t want a good VPN, you should always strive for what’s best. From this, PureVPN is a good tool for consumers to use that want to raise the security bar of their hardware in a short amount of time. It would have been better if the customer reps were easier to talk to, and not use automated means as a way to communicate with paying customers. It’s good for what it does and is absolutely a great buy for all things that are related to torrenting and file sharing. If you don’t think that you’re ready for it, don’t hesitate to check out some of those that are similar. But in truth, you’ll be completely fine with PureVPN.