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IpVanish Review
IpVanish: Is it the Right VPN For You?

IpVanish is a US-based VPN service that has been in business since 2012. They’re often listed as one of the best and have thousands of servers for customers to choose from. IpVanish is featured on all major operating system, having begun as a simple application on Windows. In the small number of years that have passed since, the company and app have grown significantly, becoming a staple among millions of internet users all over the world. If you like fast servers and a lot of payment options to choose from, then IpVanish should definitely suit all of your security needs. There’s a lot of aspects about the brand that make it a worthwhile buy to subscribe to. The information below will help you decide if the VPN good enough for your computer or smartphone. Everything from the pros, cons, and other significant features will be scrutinized. Let’s get started!

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a tool that’s used by people to gain a loophole to content that’s restricted. They operate as networks that create tunnels called protocol. These protocols help encrypt the traffic that passes in between servers. But before that, the server itself is directed to those that exist with the VPN. Once there, traffic is again redirected to the server that’s the user intends to visit. And because of these redirects lies the importance of what the VPN can offer. Your original IP address is hidden when this happens, and will not be read by the destination that your signal lands on. Instead, the address of the server that redirected you would be shown. If the remote server has an IP that is identical to one from a particular country, then the all location info will point to yourself being in that nation at the time that the site was visited.

Pricing and Affordability

IpVanish is one of the cheapest options that you’ll find around anywhere. They have great plans, of which number three in total. The most affordable option could be either the monthly or the extended subscription that lasts for a year. For the latter, you would only pay $6.49 every month with a total of $77.99 for that entire time period. But if you would rather stick to something that’ll allow you to the room to look into other VPNs, then the $10.00 monthly plan should be okay. You might not want to go with this one if you do in fact end up with the VPN for longer than two months. But don’t forget about the middle option. For $8.99 a month, you’ll get three months total without having to worry about paying for the VPN service again. If you were to look at a comparison of all the top brand VPNs ina single list, IpVanish would certainly come out on top as an affordable choice.

Payment Choices

IpVanish accepts all major credit card and debit card. They also accept PayPal as a payment option, something that other VPNs have seemingly discontinued for sometimes no reasons at all. Or maybe you would like to try Bitcoin? This is possible as well. And with Bitcoin, your payment is sure to remain anonymous with the exception of the transaction details being stored in the Blockchain. But seeing as though you’re not likely to have anyone search for you in this manner, your payment choice with crypto will stay anonymous, unknown to virtually everyone. There are a few other choices included for payment, but the easiest (and most privacy-intrusive) would be to stick with the plastic.

Free Trial and Reimbursement

Depending on your preferences, this could be a major flaw with IpVanish. The VPN doesn’t offer a true trial period, and will only guarantee the user’s money after a month has passed without them being satisfied with the service. They do honor reimbursements and will send out the payment quickly if requested. But since there is no way for potential buyers to see just how good the software runs, the chances of users going with service to that does have the addition could be likely. You should try to ensure that this is what you want before doing anything or even try out some of IpVanish’s rivals (if they have a trial) in order to judge it off of what you saw during the free period.

All Protocols and how they Protect You

IpVanish has all current protocols, and then a few that aren’t used heavily online anymore. There’s OpenVPN which can be difficult to set up manually when it’s not included directly with an application and IPSec. PPTP and L2TP are also great and strongly recommended if you’re using Mac or Linux-based systems. The entirety of the protocols relies on UDP and TCP to connect, something that also allows your traffic to prevent being throttled by providers. If you torrenting, this could be very important so always check to see if both are supplied when looking for a VPN service.

Kill Switch Features

IpVanish also featured a very handy Kill Switch that will enable the program to run as a firewall. By this, the app will prevent all other running programs from getting back online. It helps so that they won’t be able to give away your real IP address when abrupt outages happen. If you like to torrent, not having such a feature on your VPN could end up getting you kicked off the provider’s network if you’re not careful. Always try to find out whether or not the VPN that you see has a kill switch. Sometimes, the attribute may not be called such a thing at all. But with IpVanish you’ll easily find the option in the setting on all the apps that exist for the devices that it runs on.

How it Works with Tor and Other Browsers

IpVanish works perfectly fine with most browsers that you may come across or try it on. You will gain access to sites that you may have thought were impossible to get on once the VPN is started. This can include torrents sites such as ThePirateBay, Netflix, and even another VPN sits that might be blocked in the country that you live or are visiting. It’s not advisable that you go on sensitive websites to access the content though, so leave your banking accounts and other important data that’s at risk of getting blacklisted alone. Even VPN servers could make such accounts perform poorly, seeing as that servers are public among paying subscribers.

Widgets included with the VPN

There are no specific widgets to speak of with IpVanish. However, the application does have a lot of cool features that make it run like a traditional VPN wouldn’t. As shown before, it is similar to what a firewall can do for your computer, placing an invisible shield around your software that keeps all things from accessing the internet when you don’t want it to. Other than this, there are no separate applications that can be downloaded from the program alone. That doesn’t mean that things will change in the future, so always keep your eyes peeled for news that related to the company.

Headquarters and Relationship with Host Country

IpVanish is headquartered in the United States. This can be taken as either a good or a bad thing, depending on who you ask. If bad, it’s more than likely due to the fact that the US is the leader of the Five Eyes, a ground an English-speaking countries that also include Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and the US for the sharing and collaboration of mass surveillance and the techniques used to obtain information from people online. Germany has also shown an interest in joining this lineup. In any case, being that this is the location for IpVanish isn’t good for perception, to say the least.

The good is due to how the company operates under such a location. IpVanish can be bought in ways that make the company nearly impossible for your whereabouts to be traced. This includes following all laws that are found in the US. If there ever did come a time that they were forced to turn over servers to the authorities, those who buy with anonymous payment will remain undetected. So you never have to worry about anything getting in the hands of the government as long as you’re wise with how you purchase. You obviously don’t want to use cards if this is an important issue for you.

Server Number and Quality

Servers with IpVanish are approximately 1300. It is approximate because the amount has been going up in recent years, and expect to continue doing so for the time being. Among those servers, most are hosted in the US n EU. The total number of countries in the mix is over 75. That’s slightly more than the average and ensures that you’ll always be able to find a working server, no matter what country location you might need for any given account. If you’re an expat, you’ll finally be able to watch all of your favorite streaming sites by simply switching over to one of the servers that’s indicative of your home country. And when you’re done with that, you could make or go to other accounts from nations that might have contents that exclusive to a particular region.

Testing Its Speed

IpVansih works well during speeds tests. If you plan on doing one yourself, look at seeing what others are gotten from the company fist. But don’t take their work (or listing) for it alone; you should always check how yours performs since everyone’s IP address could be a different speed. But for most, internet speed is reduced from anywhere between 40 to 60-percent. If you don’t have a good internet connection to use with IpVanish, you try to find one if you can. However, this is with the exception of data plans that are given by carriers. In that case, you should try to go with something that has been proven to work with smartphones well. IpVanish does, but only when you’re using a plan that happens to be 1 megabyte per second at the very least. If yours is faster that you shouldn’t have any worries.

Streaming Netflix and Other Music/Video Websites

Streaming content has never been made easier. You can do this with haste using IpVanish, and just about every server will work with the movie website. Additionally, you’ll also get access to Netflix as it exists in other countries. And since IpVanish is a paid service, the chances of getting locked out of your account are slim to none. All you have to do is ensure that you turn on the VPN before you open Netflix. If you’re watching on a smartphone or tablet. don’t open Netflix until you have IpVanish on and connected to a working server first. When that’s complete, then watching movie and series can commence as if didn’t need it, to begin with!

Streaming might sometimes become annoying though, If you aren’t using a high-speed internet connection, you might encounter a bit of lag when things really get into high definition. The standard 1080p is fine, but clearer displays such as 4 might not play very well. This is why the aforementioned speed testing can be so important; you don’t want your VPN to reduce the speed of your provider to that of dial-up.

File Sharing and Torrent Compatibility

IpVanish advertised the fact that the service is able to completely unblock all torrenting websites and applications. You can once again get on torrent content that you might have missed out on over the past few years. If you’re familiar with torrenting, then you know that it’s a perfect way to stock up on your favorite films and movies that you may not have seen in a while. Torrents may also have a lot of new releases or even rare music that might not be sold anywhere else online. All you must do is sign on to IpVAnish to gain access to torrent clients. Go to your favorite site, and be sure to use a virus scanner along the way.

Once you find the content that you wish to download or share, simply click on the magnet link or place the torrent file on your computer, opening it when you’re ready. When that’s done, simply sit back and wait for your download to finish. Torrents have a tendency to work fast or slow based on the number of people you have in seed. If you see that downloads are going at a reduced speed, it might be that you only need to change the torrent file itself to one that has more people on the service.

How it Performs with DNS Leaks

IpVanish will hide your real DNS address by assigning you once with the application. And you’ll also get good speed quality based on this. Having your DNS leaked is almost identical to blowing the cover of what you do online as exposing your IP address could be. From your DNS alone, a service provider could tell whether or not you’re downloading torrent files or looking at other content that’s being blocked by their signal. It’s nice to see it available with IpVanish, and leaks are guaranteed to never happen.

User Agreement and Logging Policy

Looking at the user agreement to any piece of software that you buy online is extremely important, especially with VPNs. Paid VPNs are trustworthy but they could be something you missed out on entirely when you signed up for the application. Try to remind yourself that no matter what VPN you’re using, the company will have to abide by the laws of the location they are housed in. Furthermore, read carefully into their logging policy and what that means for you once you’re subscribed. IpVanish doesn’t log any data of users, and everything you do on the web won’t end up with any third parties.

Customer Service and How to Contact

This is another good thing to take into consideration, seeing as that many might not think about customer service until the need arises. But if it does, you’re in good hands with IpVanish. There are three methods total used by the company for users to contact them, which involves getting a support ticket and waiting to hear back from someone. They respond in a timely manner, but some might find the live chat to be a little antiquated. Phone contact is a plus since it’s always great to hear a knowledgable voice that can assist your problem. If you do live chat, remember that you might get always get the answer you were hoping for, so get a support ticket if this is the case.

Compatible Operating Systems

IpVanish will work on just about all the operating systems that you can think of. If you have a Mac, PC, Windows phone, or even Linux, you can download the software directly from the website. On iOS, isn’t featured on the App Store but can be purchase either there or from the website itself. If you don’t want to expose your anonymity, you might not want to get a plan from the VPN in this way. Android has the Google Play Store, to which IpVAnish is featured. Like iOS, you can pick between paying for the service on the store bring up the website from the Chrome Browser.

Number of Devices that can Be Used with One Account

This is another feature that really makes IpVanish stand out. Most paid VPNs will only offer between three to five devices that can be on one account at the same time. IpVanish increases this to a maximum of 10. If you have a large family are staying in a household with trusted roommates, you all could share only one account and never need anything more in the future. But even if that’s not enough, IpVanish is also compatible with some routers. A router will allow you to hook up an unlimited supply of devices, just as long as they know the WPA key and VPN username/password. On the company website, there are several recommended router choices named, so check those out first if you are considering getting a router with the VPN.

How it Stacks Up against the Competition

IpVanish competes with other VPNs such as Nord, Express, and Private Internet Access. Since it’s located within the United States, PIA is potentially their biggest competitor. Of the three just mentioned, They’re all more expensive than IpVanish, but do offer longer plans that can go for up to three years. Look into these if you’re not sold on the fact that IpVansih doesn’t offer a trial, then see how it ranks among speed and logging policy. These things could change quickly, so a policy that was decent before might leave you contentious in the future.

Pros and Cons

Here are some of the pros and cons of IpVanish VPN.


  • Good Reviews from Customers – Look around the web and you’ll find it difficult to read a very bad review about IpVanish. The company certainly knows how to keep their user base happy, and that’s always a plus.
  • Allows users to hook up lots of devices without a router – Even if you’re home isn’t connected to a router, it’s very possible that you might not even need one. Just sign into your account and allows up to nine other people to do the same. That’s a lot more than what some other VPN servie offer curretly. Three is a popular number, someting that could appear unfair when looking at the competitive prices of other VPNs.
  • Very Friendly Prices – Speaking of prices, the most expensive one is about a dollar less than what you would pay with many other VPNs on the market.
  • Easy to use for beginners – People who aren’t well versed with how to use a computer might have trouble seeting up the VPN. If you do need help, there’s a manual on the websites that can help guide you into becoming an advanced VPN user.
  • DNS leaks won’t happen – DNS leaks are not known to every happen with IpVanish. When the app is installed, check to see if anything does leak by sending the programa through a DNS leak testing website. It will quickly show if your account has ever been read or noticed by your provier or website.
  • Truthful Logging Policy – IpVanish will never log any of your info when you’re online. Besides data that helps to make the service better for their customers, nothing is ever taken from their users that might give away their names or locations.


  • Location – IpVanish is located in a Five Eyes country, something that could make the VPN a little hard for security buffs to get behind. But this dosn’t exactly transmit into the service being forced to give away information. The VPN rare collects enough data to give to any sort of authority in the first place. Technically, there’s not much that the US government could do without a warrant to search the servers of IP address so if you’re an honest/woman, you won’t have to fret over this too much.
  • No Free Trial – IpVanish doesn’t offer any sort of free trial period. This is a little surprising since the price is such a great attrubute. This could be one of the reasons they did away with it, but it would still be nice to have a free peirod for customer to decide if they want the VPN or not.
  • Can sometimes be hard to get a quick answer to important inquiries – Unless you’re question is pretty generic, you might want to avoid the live chat feature. Those with more serious quesitons are better off getting a support ticket. The time it takes for them to respond coudl be a day or two, but they’ll give you a thorough reply that’s helpful and easy to understand.


Do you think IpVanish could end up being the final VPN that you choose for your computer or mobile device? What qualities did you like about the VPN the most? Maybe there’s something that you think could be added to its features that weren’t touched on. Whether you have answers to these questions or not, the app is a great starter for anyone that wants to protect their privacy online. There are not hidden logging techniques, and everything that you get is easy to tweak once you gain familiarity with the controls on the application. Regardless of what you choose is your VPN, always go with the one you want the most, prioritizing your needs and expectations above all else.