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Best VPN for India
Try out These VPNs if you Reside or Vacation in India

The Republic of India has been in the news in recent years over online surveillance policies that many have found controversial. Whether or not such issues are necessary for the country is subject to debate. However, that doesn’t mean that the average citizen or visitor there has to settle for a potential breach of their anonymity. VPNs are applications that can keep users hidden from such widespread privacy oversight. There are ten listed below; all VPNs shown are loaded with enough features to help keep your time spent online known only to yourself. And when that’s done, the Buyer’s Guide will help clear up any questions you might have thought about that are relevant to purchasing a new VPN.

Using VPNs outside of North America and Europe

Here are ever vacationed in a foreign country and was unable to get on the websites that you normally would have access to back home? If so, you’ll probably want to consider a VPN on your next holiday. VPNs can help with most of these problems but like everything, should be bought wisely. It’s something that’s good to remember, as your next outing won’t have to be restricted, at least with your internet activity. And there’s also the risk of government surveillance, whereby it might be impossible for you to know what information is vulnerable online. Laws regarding both foreigners in a host country and its citizens can change very quickly, and you may never know what data is being scanned through the use of cross-site scripting or man-in-the-middle attacks. And while VPNs can ameliorate such issues, how exactly should you search for one?

How to Shop For a new VPN

One important feature that you’ll always want to check for availability on a VPN is the number of servers and server locations are given. This will allow you to see if there are servers located close to your area, or in this case, India. Have servers that are even the next country over is a good thing, although most major VPN providers contain multiple servers spread across most of Central Asia. You should also look for VPNs that have some sort of encryption. Most of the time, this will be housed on the protocols provided by the VPN. The most widely used of the paid brands is OpenVPN, but there are others. Such protocols will tunnel your traffic through means of AES encryption, although the keys vary from apps to app. Additionally, try to see what sort of logging policy exists with the VPN. If you end up with one that logs most of the things you do on the internet, then you won’t be able to call it an anonymous way to get on the internet. And finally, know what you plan on doing with the VPN. Do you anticipate using a torrent client? What about Netflix streaming from a European or US-based account? Will your favorite music streaming sites function normally with the VPN? These are questions that you should have answered before you check out, so remember them when doing your research.

How They Compare

  • ExpressVPN: Cryptocurrency Supported: Yes; Number of Servers: 160; Encryption: Yes
  • NordVPN: Cryptocurrency Supported: Yes; Number of Servers: 3000; Encryption: Yes
  • IPVanish: Cryptocurrency Supported: Yes; Number of Servers: 800; Encryption: Yes
  • TorGuard: Cryptocurrency Supported: Yes; Number of Servers: 2000; Encryption: Yes
  • VPN Area: Cryptocurrency Supported: Yes; Number of Servers: 700; Encryption: Yes
  • CyberGhost: Cryptocurrency Supported: Yes; Number of Servers: Encryption: Yes
  • IPVanish: Cryptocurrency Supported: Yes; Number of Servers: 1400; Encryption: Yes
  • PrivateVPN: Cryptocurrency Supported: Yes; Number of Servers: 600; Encryption: Yes
  • PureVPN: Cryptocurrency Supported: Yes; Number of Servers: 2000; Encryption: Yes
  • FastestVPN: Cryptocurrency Supported: Yes; Number of Servers: 500; Encryption: Yes

Top 10 Best VPNs for India Reviewed

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a major player in the competition of high-quality VPNs, with its numerous applications being recommended the world over. If you’re in India, you’ll especially like the way it prevents DNS servers from leaking to your ISP. And if anyone were to attempt to check out what you were doing online, everything’s protected well with the platform’s 256-bit AES encryption. OpenVPN is the primary protocol in use for the system but you can choose others if needed, or if required for an alternate OS. Streaming music and video can be done, and skipping/lag would never happen if you’re doing it on at least an average connection speed. Everything is ready out of the box, and you won’t need to manually enter anything at all if you didn’t want to. Try out ExpressVPN first if you’re in India, it’s likely the one that most people would settle on first.


  • All video and music sites are supported by the platform
  • Solid leak protection prevent ISPs from gaining access to privately-browsed sites and applications
  • Ready to go immediately with minimal setup


  • Although many countries are supported, few remote servers are based in India

2. NordVPN

NordVPN is just as popular as Express and far surpasses it with the number of servers provided by the app. You can find it either through your favorite OS’ web store, or simply download through the company site itself. Out of all the servers listed by Nord, you won’t find one that doesn’t take Hulu or Netflix. They’ll all work with the platform; feel free to access foreign movies the world over. But if you simply want to create an account on a website that’s listed on a foreign IP, Nord will allow it without any problems. There are good plans to pick too, although they mostly contain the same lengths as what you would find on any paid VPN. Still, the company is suggested, particularly for people that want or need an app that has equally reliable customer service. However, there is no free trial period; go with NordVPN if you’re sure that you won’t like to try out any of the others first.


  • Server count is wide, including from locations that are within the range of most Chinese regions
  • Plan length ranges from one month to over a year long
  • The entire system is built with strong protocols and encryption capabilities
  • Has both live chat and email contact


  • There are much cheaper VPNs than Nord; not the best option for customers on a budget

3. IPVanish

IPVanish has a good number of servers and an excellent user agreement to go along with it. You can read up about it on the platform’s website. They hold no secrets from their potential and current subscribers. If you’re concerned with logging, don’t be. There’s no reason for the company to keep any of your information since third parties have no acquaintance with the VPN. Once the application is downloaded, feel free to torrent to your heart’s content, including while in India. Speaking of which, finding a working server in India and nearby is very easy. Most of the time, you won’t even need to pick one that’s housed at the top of the VPNs list of servers. While some server might become a bit slow where there are too many people on one of them, this issue won’t likely affect those based in India itself.


  • No data mining or collection of user traffic info
  • Users can download anything from torrent sites; torrent websites are also unblocked
  • The VPN has good interaction with its customers and more than one way to contact them


  • Some server may slow down during certain hours of the day and night

4. TorGuard

TorGuard is another great VPN that’s safe for you to use over the Tor Network (as the name lets on). But that’s far from the only thing that the program is capable of doing on your computer. Controls have remained the same for a long time, although there’s little need for the VPN to fix anything with the menu. You’ll find yourself navigating through the menus like an advanced user in no time at all. Be sure to activate the kill switch when you’re finished downloading, however. For people that live in or travel to India, you can breathe a sigh of relief from knowing that your private info shared in public servers can never be grabbed by official or illegal sources. Encryption is all around, including when downloading content from peer-to-peer applications. Servers aren’t always guaranteed to play media from your streaming music and video so do consider this before you settle with TorGuard.


  • Has several low-cost options for users that don’t differentiate from each other too greatly (behind duration)
  • Quick setup and very easy to get used to the controls and server switching
  • No caps placed on the amount of data that subscribers can use every month


  • Getting streaming content to play on some server could be impossible
  • Takes a bit of time to get the payment, download, and installation finished

5. VPN Area

VPN Area has friendly prices and even friendlier customer service. You can tell that they appreciate their customers, which they go out of the way to make happy with improvements. This is a good choice for Indian citizens and visitors. Check it out if you’re on a smartphone and need to access the internet primarily from your mobile device. Installation and setup are easier this way. But you can also get on a server with the VPN using your other devices too (only one account is required). Your music and movies will never look and sound better. As for logging, VPN Area does keep some basic info about customers. Yet this is done mostly to make improvements on the services offered.


  • Good pricing plans, particularly on mobile devices
  • Has a good listing of various protocols
  • Recommended for families and those that plan to use the VPN on several computers or smartphones


  • Logging isn’t entirely unavoidable with the VPN

6. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is a VPN that claims to be one of the fastest. It doesn’t kid around with this either. When gauged with various speed tests online, the result is almost always the same: a quick and swift VPN that houses servers that will never lag when running through any given streaming site. The servers located in India are just as fast as those based in the continental location of its headquarters, which is Europe. But if speed isn’t your number one criteria, you may also appreciate how well designed the application is. There’s hardly anything that needs improvement. CyberGhost contains all the latest protocols for your to test out, with a majority of them featuring strong encryption (an exception is the ancient PPTP, but you’ll probably never use that anyway). Consider CyberGhost for its outstanding speed and abundant Asian servers.


  • Fast acting servers that never seem to slow down, even during the hours of peak use
  • Has more than enough servers in India and close by
  • Supports Bitcoin as a payment option
  • The company utilizes minimal logging to retrieve data for improvement


  • Torrenting, while supported, may not always go as fast as expected
  • Fast server speeds won’t be noticed by people with average internet connections

7. IPVanish

IPVanish places what the customer wants ahead of everything else. Although this might seem like something that all online companies do, it’s far from the truth. Regardless, the VPN is built with strong encryption features and a truckload of fast servers. Torrents are also supported. When you begin the download your first file while using one of IPVanish’s servers, you’ll immediately notice how quick it will finish. Even files that are over a gigabyte in size seem to complete at the same rate as they normally would if you weren’t using a VPN at all. To top things off, interacting with customer support isn’t a pain. most issues can be settled in a good timeframe, so contact them if there are any questions you have before or after purchasing a plan.


  • Has greatly improved on their prior logging policies
  • Torrent files download at a good pace, including on their most crowded servers
  • Has both old and new protocols
  • Top-of-the-line customer support


  • Long distance server that isn’t in the vicinity of North America and Europe may sometimes lag

8. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN is located in Sweden. Over the years, the VPN has rose to become a recognized name that’s good enough to compete with all of the other services mentioned in the reviews. Their customer support is great, but you probably would never have to contain them to begin with. That’s because things work extremely smooth with the application. You can download it on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. It has a good listing of protocols as well, including OpenVPN and IPsec. Streaming with Netflix works well and your Spotify music will never sound better over a VPN. The application doesn’t update often but when it does, improvement are usually well received by the platform’s users base.


  • Although unlikely, issues are fixed promptly when dealing with customer support
  • Includes most popular protocols needed to get online, including those with encryption
  • Users can safely download torrent files online without outside surveillance, in India and abroad


  • Servers may be disconnected on rare occasions (the kill switch will prevent anything from trying to reconnect)

9. PureVPN

PureVPN is recommended by lots of people that have tried multiple VPNs. The things that keep people coming to the service are reliability and prices. Their rates are highly competitive. Payment options are also plenty and an assorted list of cryptocurrencies are given for the customer to complete payment info, including BTC and Ethereum. Try to remember that crypto payment can sometimes come and go, so always have a backup for payment if you’re going with the month-to-month plan. Preventative features such as DNS leaks and a kill switch can be activated in the settings of the VPN. For customers in India, there aren’t many servers but they usually keep about two online. If they’re not fast enough for you, then try and connect to a nearby location, such as Singapore. You can get on Netflix with some servers but you could come across a few that won’t work on PureVPN. If so, just move to the next; you’ll find a working one eventually.


  • BTC and Ethereum can be used at checkout
  • The app can prevent other programs from connecting to servers when the initial connection goes off
  • Many optimal servers are available in areas close to India


  • Servers aren’t always able to handle video streaming
  • More remote servers are needed within the country of India

10. FastestVPN

FastestVPN is located in the British Caribbean territory of the Cayman Islands. Such a located gives the VPN a lot of leeway to conduct their business model in a way that suits the customer, and not the government is lives under. That also gives the platform no incentive to rely on logging for personal gain. When you try it out for the first time, pay attention to how fast it connects to a server. That’s important, particularly if you’re on a slow or unpredictable connection (such as what may exist on a mobile data plan). For people in India, servers are few but fast. You probably won’t need to connect to anything close by that isn’t within the country, at least if you’re not planning to get on a streaming site that’s in a foreign location. However, many streaming sites won’t work on FastestVPN, including Netflix. You might get lucky and pull up something on the occasion but don’t depend on the platform if you intend to watch lots of movies while on vacation.


  • Location is outside of the reach of government surveillance
  • There are few torrent clients incompatible with the VPN
  • Good for large families due to the number of devices that can be linked with a single account


  • Many video streaming sites won’t work properly on most of the VPN’s servers
  • Not possible to get in touch with customer reps during certain hours of the day/night

Buyer’s Guide/FAQs

Will a VPN make my Presence Untraceable on the Internet?

A VPN can do a lot to prevent your location from being known by outsiders when you’re on the internet, but it won’t protect everything. Always assume that you’re vulnerable, even if you aren’t This means that you should have a good antivirus on your system, one that is rated high and doesn’t act as a placebo to your system when malware attempts to install itself. If you’re running a torrent client, this is even more important. Torrents and their sites are sometimes be riddled with all sorts of spyware and trojan horses, which could completely negate the features of the VPN that you’re subscribed to. And even if viruses didn’t exist, your browser could be just as unprotected. Javascript can expose your whereabouts, along with maximizing your screen’s native resolution. Of course, you might be unable to disable these features entirely but they can be exploited by someone that wanted to get into your computer. So long as you’re not browsing on risky websites that don’t update or attempt to hide, there should be little room to worry. If you need more anonymity, you should use your VPN over a more secure application such as the Tor Network or Whonix.

How safe are VPNs to Use?

When you download a VPN, you should exercise the same precautions you would with anything that comes from the internet. Always scan executables whenever you can, or ensure that you’re getting it from an official source. Many of the VPNs shown in the reviews above can be obtained through your system’s native store (such as the Mac App Store or Windows Store). Smartphones are the same. However, do pay special attention if you’re on an Android device, as VPN applications there are notorious for being malware that masquerades as legitimate programs. The same applies to iOS and the free VPNs that can run the same type of deception techniques. Paid VPNs are your best option. Most of them have free trials that you can use for several days. Just make a note of when the trial run expires if you’re going to try out more than one VPN application.

Is it okay to purchase VPNs from a Third Party?

Doing this isn’t recommended. Have you ever been on a torrent website and noticed them advertising a popular VPN? Some of them may attempt to act as a middle man for you to get a discounted price from the service. What they won’t tell you is that doing this could either potentially lead you to a phishing website that isn’t the one you had in mind, or a faulty plan. VPNs tend to cancel such plans from customers as a moment’s notice; a refund would be out of the question since you didn’t subscribe directly from the source. Don’t confuse this with such applications as Apple’s App Store, you’re safe when buying from them. If you’re going to buy your VPN anonymously, stick to the website itself. And if you really want to erase your tracks, use a proxy every time you connect (unless you already have a VPN application installed on your computer). If you’re a resident or visitor to India, this could go a long way to prevent outsiders from seeing which VPN you’re using.

Does Small Server availability in India translate to poor Quality from those that are located within the Country?

Not at all. While having only a handful of servers may not sit well with some people, the important thing is how well they function. And even one remote server that’s housed on a VPN could be enough to keep you using the platform for a long time. Find out what you want to do with your VPN, and choose according to your needs. If you’re a gamer and want something that shows good speed tests, then subscribe to one with a lot of fast servers. Yet if torrenting is your things then go for the VPNs that don’t lay down heavy stipulations in their user agreements for doing such activities. Netflix streaming is provided by most, including VPNs that are popular in India. However, you might come across some that won’t work. The easiest way to figure what doesn’t is to check the reviews or see what others have mentioned about it. If you like to watch films online, stick with a VPN that has remote servers in the United States or Western Europe. These are the locations that house sites with a lot of content, some of which is blocked in locations that are outside of those regions.


Which VPN should you pick? That can be a touch questions to answer. It boils down to what you want to get from it, along with your price range and the level of anonymity that you want. But all of those shown in the list above have one thing in common, which is that each will work well within India. Your time spent online will be much safer, and encryption provided through their protocols can protect any confidential info that you put on the VPN’s servers. Use the information provided here to pick, but don’t settle only for what you read or hear. Try them out for yourself, multiple if you need to. Whether it’s torrenting or playing your favorite music on your smartphone, there are enough quality VPNs to go around for everyone.