Best Dedicated IP VPN Providers

Thomas Gilham

VPS servers, or dedicated IPs, are similar to VPN servers but completely private. The typical VPN (virtual private network) operates through a closed system that subscribers to the service can enjoy. However, due to multiple people being on the network at times, some web usage can become more difficult. And this is where dedicated servers have the advantage. Further down, take a look at ten of the best dedicated VPN providers, chosen for server quality, location, and additional accessories.

What is a Dedicated VPN Provider?

A dedicated IP allows users to have their own exclusive private VPS. With one, you won’t have to worry about sharing your connection with anyone else. This is beneficial in many ways, which is why more and more VPN providers are adding the service into their monthly plans. You’ll more than likely have to purchase it separately from an ordinary VPN subscription. But on a good note, many companies’ fees aren’t extraordinarily high.

What Sets these VPNs Apart From the Rest?

Here are some of the major advantages of using a dedicated VPN:

  • Less likelihood of a slow connection during peak hours – Depending on the company and the server, it’s possible to experience slow speeds due to too many people being on the network at the same time. It’s common for it to happen during peak usage hours, and may not return back to normal for some time. This doesn’t always happen, but having a dedicated IP lessens the chances even more. You would be in control of your own virtual IP address, just like a service provider.
  • Streaming issues solved – Picking up from the last section, high traffic could also delay streaming services on some VPN brands. But a dedicated server’s speed should remain the same, never slowing down on busy days or holidays. You can watch your favorite movies on stream, then download via files sharing sites and never see the bandwidth drop too low.
  • No more captchas – Captchas are the codes that you may have seen before when signing up for an account on any given website. They are used to determine if an IP address is authentic, which allows them to guard their sites against possible attacks and account hacking attempts. VPNs may sometimes trigger captchas due to the way they are used by multiple people at once. If you and another user went to the same website at the same time, the server that you’re connecting to would be able to see two or more IP addresses with the same number. And thus a captcha would appear. Botnets, or multiple servers infected with malware, are what they’re also safeguarding against. A dedicated VPN will keep captchas away from your browsing activity, so you safely go and log into any site that you wish very quickly.
  • Banking – Dedicated VPS servers are great for signing on with sensitive personal documents, of which you cannot keep your identity anonymous. Banks are the most common sites but are heavily guarded against any attempt other than their customer’s IP location accessing personal banking info. It’s not recommended that you do this with a normal VPN due to the potential of the bank temporarily shutting down the account. But a VPS will work marvelously at this since your outgoing IP will remain the same.
  • No risk of getting blocked from a website – Combining all of the context mentioned already, a user that kept trying to log into their personal accounts online could be blocked from certain sites if the activity continues. This is also referred to as blacklisting. it happens most often on bank and payment processing networks such as PayPal. Use your dedicated IP to avoid the hassle from ever taking place, being sure that your real IP doesn’t get conflated with the virtual one by your account.

Comparing Their Features

VPN ProviderDedicated ServersServer CountriesCountry LocationColumn 5
PureVPN1 per account140Hong Kong31 days
NordVPN1 ( per account )60Panama30 day
VyprVPN1 ( business only )70Switzerland30 days
Tor Guard1 ( per account )55Nevis30 days
Ivacy1 ( per account )100Singapore7 days
Windscribe1 ( per account )60Canada7 days
VPN AreaUp to 6 per subscription70Switzerland7 days
Astrill VPN1 ( switching )63Cayman Islands7 days
Trust.Zone VPN1 ( static )31Seychelles3 days
Liquid VPN1 ( per account )50USA7 days



Top 10 Best Dedicated VPNs


1. PureVPN


PureVPN is one of the primary leaders of VPN servers that have a VPS subscription. Their connections are fast, reliable, and won’t even disconnect you regardless of web traffic. And since you will have your very own server, you can make accounts with streaming sites from foreign countries and check your bank balance without the worry of getting blocked. The prices are very good as well. There are three subscription packages available, with the cheapest option being only $1.99 every month. And here’s even more good news: the other two are the exact same price. The only difference in them is months of service. Try out the first one if you’re just curious, then upgrade if you like what you see.

With your very own VPS, you can download torrents from exclusive websites and never have to solve those annoying captchas again. PureVPN maintains a large network of servers in 140 host nations, although their dedicated servers are fewer. If there were any areas for improvement in the service, it’s minor. There is no free trial, so you would have to buy one of the aforementioned plans to see if you like it or not. And connecting to the server itself may take a little while. Expect to wait three or more minutes at times, but once it’s on, everything runs smoothly.

Overall, PureVPN is a great choice for dedicated servers, and the company sells them completely separated from the rest of their offerings. That means you won’t have to get a normal VPN in order to use the one you want. Do take some times to familiarize yourself with the layout of the application; it might be a little confusing for first-timers.


  • Very competitive prices when compared to other high-end VPN servers
  • Users can download torrents and visit streaming sites without hitting a bandwidth cap
  • Has an antimalware/antivirus application
  • From the VPN alone, users can control all autonomous applications and how they connect to the internet


  • The company offers only paid trials, no free trials available
  • May not be easy for some beginners to navigate without assistance on the first try
  • Connecting to the IP may take three minutes, on average


2. NordVPN

NordVPN is a large organization and one of the undisputed leaders of high-end virtual networks. Their dedicated servers must be bought on their own from the other VPNs, but controlling the VPS operates in a similar fashion to their more popular service. With it, you can maintain other applications on your computer. It also has a large number of dedicated IPs in their directory, so there’s not just the US and EU alone. However, those regions to make up the majority of the servers given. Remember this if you’re looking for a VPS that’s in a country not typically acquired by most users. But overall, NordVPN has good IPs with fast connection speeds, so check it out if you’re looking for only one alternative to PureVPN.


  • Their dedicated IP servers allow the primary user to control what other IPs can connect
  • Startup is generally fast, wait time a minute at the most
  • Has the same amount of dedicated IPs as other address servers
  • Headquarters is based in a privacy-oriented location (Panama)


  • The majority of their servers are located within the EU
  • Long distance server connections have smaller speed rates


3. VyprVPN

VyprVPN is another dedicated IP provider that is better for the business minded. Their only servers are part of a business plan. If you just want one for personal use, it’s advised that you look elsewhere. But those who are in fact running small businesses, your network security will definitely be boosted. They have servers based all over the world for VPS and a highly professional customer support staff that can solve all troubleshooting issue, should they arise. The package plans include Business Cloud and Business, with the former having the dedicated IP server. Costs are a little high here, and the package costs $349 every year. If you can get behind such a price and are in need of securing your business’ hardware, take a look at VyprVPN.


  • Has worldwide servers that prioritize business purposes
  • Safeguards all data if a local shutdown occurs on multiple computers, doesn’t leak the true IP
  • There are two trial choices given with the service, including with Business and Business Cloud


  • Business Cloud is significantly pricier than their ordinary services
  • Dedicated IP addresses cannot be obtained with their personal plans


4. TorGuard

TorGuard, unlike the previous VPN, is great for everyone. Their dedicated IPs will sign you on quick, and there’s no learning curve at all. Just use it the same as you would any other VPN, but feel free to get on the personal sites you like most. There are no static IPs associated with the package; if you want one you will have to get it at an additional cost. Their customer support is fast to respond to any inquiries and maintains a great relationship with new and longtime customers. But if you’re the type that considers presentation important, you might not like the design of the application. It appears outdated, and configurations could be streamlined a bit more. But for the most part, TorGuard is a great dedicated IP choice, especially if you want something with a track record for respecting user’s privacy.


  • Dedicated IPs are easy to manage and acquire
  • Doesn’t necessitate the purchase of a business plan to use a static IP; acquired through a simple package addition
  • Additional features embedded into the static IP option that allows better signal strength a anonymity
  • Multiple dedicated IP addresses can be switched on the fly
  • Customer support is fast to respond


  • The user interface is in need of a major facelift
  • Doesn’t block ads in a very effective manner


5. Ivacy

Ivacy is a high-quality VPN that has VPS IPs in their lineup, too. Server quality is stellar, particularly when seeing the small amount that is available. However, they do span across all major regions and should be good enough for someone that isn’t looking for an obscure nation to host their private IP. When you log on and start your online activity, everything from streaming films and downloading movies will work the same as if you never had a virtual IP at all. And since you don’t have to share it with anyone else, Ivacy’s VPS will keep free from the burden of being punished for someone else’s misuse of a server (in the case of blocking).

What about flaws? Ivacy would be much better if there were more varied countries with the server count, and the trial period is a little short. Seven days is enough time to decide on a VPN service but when competing brands average at 30, consumers will go to the one that’s longer. If you want a dedicated server first strictly sharing files, Ivacy is the one to choose.


  • While there aren’t many servers, the choices given hit most major corners of the world; not condensed into one region
  • File sharing doesn’t slow down the speed of the connection


  • Dedicated IPs are only available in seven countries
  • Attempting to connect to servers may take several minutes
  • Very short trial period (only seven days)


6. Windscribe

Windscribe is a server that has become popular form their use of generous promotions to their customers, and low prices. But for the VPS itself, a key attribute is the port forwarding feature, an option that will link other compatible hardware to your VPS network. This means that you could watch your internet activity remotely, or even check security cameras around your home or business. One big drawback is the regions in which the servers are located, which isn’t very diverse. North America and the EU aren’t always sought after, so it would be nice to see the company add more places in the future. Anyhow, Windscribe is a good alternative if you want a brand outside of the big name VPN organizations.


  • The port forwarding feature is a great way to view sensitive material over the VPN server (such as cameras or torrent download)
  • Offers lots of promotional offers and discounts
  • Full protection against denial-of-service attacks


  • Dedicated servers only in Europe and North America
  • Browser extensions (dedicated support) are unavailable


7. VPNArea

With VPNArea, security is taken with a serious approach. They support end-to-end encryption, which scrambles the signals that you sent to other servers with a key embedded on your application. And the design is unique, but not confusing at all. You won’t need to read a manual from the company’s site in order to know how to use it. And if you wanted to share information with other customers under the brand, just sign on and connect. The number of country server locations (for VPS) isn’t very large, but VPNArea is still recommended.


  • Supports end-to-end encryption over all servers, including dedicated IPs
  • Great streaming speeds over Netflix and Amazon Prime
  • Minimalist design for the user window
  • Users of the service can share data over their accounts


  • Low in dedicated server locales (but diverse regions)


8. AstrillVPN

AstrillVPN is a service with tons of exciting features and benefits. The most noticable is price, which will cost you just five dollars a month. The countries given are impressive too, and the application has a firewall embedded inside of it. You will control all incoming and outgoing connections to your computer. And speeds stay consistent but never permeated with slow downs. Don’t be startled if the app crashes at times, though. Older versions of the application had this problem when users attempted to sign in, but Astrill has since improved the occurance with newer updates.


  • Their dedicated server plan is very reasonably priced
  • Has a large assortment of IPs (dedicated) to connect with
  • Network speeds are quick and don’t stall when handling high bandwidth tasks


  • Could take a long time to get in touch with customer support for troubleshooting
  • While the service is smooth after connecting to a server, crashes could occur beforehand


9. Trust.Zone VPN

Trust.Zone is a smaller dedicated VPN service that has lots of potential to grow even larger. They are committed to improving on their service, so it’s possible that more countries and servers will become available on top of what’s already featured. Speeds are nice, and their dedicated IPs sign on quickly and don’t reduce when many people are on. You won’t be able to pick many countries to use with your dedicated IP though, so be sure that you’re okay with what’s provided. Speed is the greater advantage than region numbers with Trust.Zone, but that will probably change sometime soon.


  • Speedy server access times
  • Good server speed for both static and dedicated connections
  • The company is consistently expanding and improving on their services


  • Only a handful on countries are given dedicated IP addresses


10. LiquidVPN

Last but not least, LiquidVPN has good costs and payment choices. Their digital options are Bitcoin and several other alternative cryptos. Dedicated servers work as expected, but only two people can log in per account. Additionally, company location is in the United States though, so you might find an issue with that you’re keen on privacy.

To avoid compromising your anonymity with file sharing, it’s highly recommended that you acquire a normal VPN with Liquid on top of the VPS (explanation given in the FAQ). Regardless, the service remains well suited for most consumers. Try it out if you like to refrain from the big brands and only need a basic VPS setup.


  • Conveniently priced payment choices, easy on the wallet
  • There are large number of cryptocurrencies that users can pick for buying
  • Speeds are generally fast for both dedicated and normal IPs


  • Company location is in the United States and could arguably be subject to handing over user’s static IP logs



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Can I use a dedicated server for file sharing?

You can do it and the downloads will work the same as a normal VPN, but there are a few things that you open yourself up to. Many people buy the dedicated IPs for accessing sites where they must put in their personal information, which could be used to build a profile on an individual over time. The risk factor is increased based on the location of the VPN’s physical servers. If they are located in a jurisdiction or country that has laws that could force a company to hand over personal details of their customers in the event of an investigation, then a gateway will be opened to finding identifying info. Just be mindful of this if you’re into P2P file sharing.


Does it connect any differently from a normal VPN server?

Usually, dedicated IPs operate the same way that normal VPN servers do. You can just log on and wait for the connection to go through. Once that’s done, get on anything that’s pertinent to your personal (or anonymous) internet activity. Most of the services shown in the reviews must be bought on different packages than VPNs. Nevertheless, the layout shouldn’t change too much. In fact, the dedicated server would probably be more intuitive than the VPN.


What are the disadvantages of using a dedicated server?

As for the disadvantages, some have already been described. But to summarize, dedicated VPNs can become a privacy concern for a number of reasons that are subject to the context of the server organization. Where are they headquartered? What will you use the VPS for, and are you aware of how to properly distinguish your anonymous activity from your public internet profile? Servers in nations with more lax laws have better freedom to keep their customers away from any official prying eyes, but not by too much with dedicated IPs.

If a company has information on a customer that isn’t trying to hide their identity (such as someone logging into banking information on their VPS), they would legally be obliged with many nations to reveal what they know. The reason for this is due to obstruction laws, which aren’t just existent in the “fourteen eyes” nations. Hence the reason for the importance of separating your private activity from other public online practices. However, remember that most of these issues won’t apply to the casual VPN or dedicated IP user, so don’t fret too much over your identity if you’re not taking part in actions that merit it.


What would a dedicated server be best for?

You could use it to handle your important interactions on the net, or even prevent private accounts from being exposed to your local ISP. If your account details can only be accessed on the dedicated IP alone, then any attempt to sign on to it will trigger a quick shutdown. If this happens, you would either be notified by the company in question or emailed. And speaking of email, no more will you have to mix up your anonymous accounts with your unrestricted ones.

The key to hiding your identity online is to always blend in, and that would become hard to do if there’s no place for you to contain sensitive data over a different server. Dedicated VPNs help with this by giving you a way to box things in, and make it appears to come dissimilar locations or regions.


How good is streaming over a dedicated VPN?

There are some major benefits to streaming movies over a dedicated VPN. For starters, you can have your own separate connection that doesn’t lag other customer’s crowding up the server. Additionally, making an account in a country that’s different from your own will ensure that you never lose connection. When streaming sites do ban servers, a company’s normal VPNs are usually the first to go. But the individual network would likely never experience such a problem, as they can easily fool the site into making your IP address authentic. By the way, it is authentic, with the only change is the fact that you’re service provider is over the cloud.



If you liked the article, then take a minute to go over all of the reviews, if you haven’t already. If you have, which did you think were best? The brands all have great dedicated VPN servers, and it’s really hard to make a mistake on the feature. Usually, only one is offered to an individual account, but there are some notable exceptions. The first two VPNs, PureVPN and NordVPN, rank at the top in terms of overall quality of service and connection speeds. But the rest comes close too, and you certainly shouldn’t pass them over. If you wish, you could begin with a trial on most of them, then judge it for yourself. That’s a lot of free time, but it’s a given that one will pique your interest enough to begin your service within a short time frame.