Best Cheap VPNs

These VPNs Will Protect Your Privacy-And Save You Money

VPNs sure have come a long way from the rudimentary versions that were dominant in the days of yesteryear. Today, you can easily find a high-quality VPN company that provides users with top-tier level service, and servers. They are abundant and may contain features that make it not only a VPN but a firewall, anti-virus, and wireless assistant all rolled into one. But what about the cheaper brands?

This is a question that more people are searching for an answer to every day, considering the increasing prices of software. Luckily, things have remained competitive within the VPN market, driving companies to keep their prices low for long stretches of time. Below are ten of the finest VPN brands that you’ll find, services that were chosen with savings in mind. After you’re finished with the reviews, don’t forget to look over the frequently asked questions so you’ll know exactly which tool is best for your computer/smartphone.

What Sets Low-Cost VPNs Apart From the Rest?

A low-cost VPN server isn’t always easy to find, especially for people that aren’t knowledgeable on the subject. There are tons of paid services available, but only a handful of VPNs receive a great deal of recognition when doing to type in most search engine results. Much of this is caused by search engine optimization or SEO. Larger companies with more money to spend on advertisement get placed in front of those which could be cheaper, but limited in marketing funds. As a result, the cheapest option (which is what you want) may not be known through Google alone. Regardless, a good cheap VPN will have most of the qualities that popular choices maintain in attributes.

Good customer service, fast server speeds, and a good amount of devices per server are what most people look for. But there are also monthly plans and to consider as well. Some brands may set their cheapest option as a more “expensive” plan. For example, if you were to find a VPN that had a plan for $10.99 every month, a cheaper one could exist where you would only pay $4.99 per month, with one big catch: The “cheap” plan would have to be bought on a yearly (or several years) basis. Keep this in mind when you’re searching through the low-cost varieties.

How They Stack Up Against Each Other

  • PIA: Cheapest Plan: $9.95 (Monthly); Number of Servers: 3339; Devices Per Account: 10
  • CyberGhost: Cheapest Plan: $2.75 (3 Months); Number of Servers: 3600; Devices Per Account: 7
  • PrivateVPN: Cheapest Plan: $19.99 (Monthly, Per Year); Number of Servers: 80; Devices Per Account: 6
  • NordVPN: Cheapest Plan: $2.99 (Monthly, 3 Years); Number of Servers: 4700; Devices Per Account: 6
  • SurfShark: Cheapest Plan: $1.99 (Monthly, 2 Years); Number of Servers: 800; Devices Per Account: 5
  • Trust.Zone: Cheapest Plan: $2.88 (Monthly, 2 Years); Number of Servers: 168; Devices Per Account: 3
  • VPN Unlimited: Cheapest Plan: $2.78 (Monthly, 3 Years); Number of Servers: 400; Devices Per Account: 5
  • Ivacy: Cheapest Plan: $1.33 (Monthly, 5 Years); Number of Servers: 250; Devices Per Account: 5
  • PureVPN: Cheapest Plan: $2.88 (Monthly, 2 Years); Number of Servers: 750; Devices Per Account: 5
  • VPNArea: Cheapest Plan: $2.99 (Monthly, 3 Years); Number of Servers: 200; Devices Per Account: 5

Top 10 Cheap VPNs Reviewed

1. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access wins big in terms of quality and pricing. Their cheapest plan is manageable for people that don’t want to pay for a service every year but wish to remain on a monthly plan. It’s also pretty fast. Connection speeds routinely clock in at around 35 (or higher) megabytes per second. This is sufficient enough for the service to be in league with other good top-shelf VPN providers. You can log on fast and never experience delays. If you have a problem, you might have to wait a while to get back with customer support, but they will reply eventually. Recommended for people that want outstanding server speeds at a fraction of the cost of high-end VPNs.


  • Lots of cheap plans that range from monthly to more than a year
  • Log on quickly and doesn’t lag during heavy use
  • Has just about every protocol available for use within the application


  • Customer support may take a while to reply at times
  • The application could be confusing to people that are new to VPNs

2. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is another great VPN for the money conscious. But that’s not where the benefits end. As for control, it’s easy for everyone, including people that haven’t used VPN service in the past before. Once you download it to your computer or phone, simply open the application and sign in. When that’s finished, you can switch through the servers swiftly until you find the right for your interests. Torrenting is also possible, and download speed will never be throttled as you look for new content.

If you have a slow connection with your internet service provider, you may experience some delays and a reduction in service with CyberGhost. This is likely with any VPN, but more so here due to the speed in which the company operates their servers. They’re some of the fastest that you may have come across but could slow down for people with a provider that’s less than 15-to-20 megabytes per second. If your smartphone operates on such a speed, you could still find a use for CyberGhost but much of your fastest activities could be better served when browsing the internet via a WiFi signal. In any case, the company should remain as a top consideration for people that want a VPN that’s fast and efficient.


  • Very intuitive controls that are easy to follow along
  • Has a huge amount of servers to try; if one doesn’t perform well, another likely will
  • Great speeds when streaming from smartphones


  • Speed is heavily dependent on the user’s Isp, whereby connection times could be long

3. PrivateVPN

Private VPN has a great list of choices as far as protocols go. There’s OpenVPN, L2TP, and even the rudimentary PPTP. Whichever you like to use, the tool will have everything to get you started with anonymity online. There’s also a good amount of safeguards provided that’ll allow your devices to remain safe over the network. And speaking of devices, up to six can be connected at the same time. That’s enough for you and your friend/family to join in on privacy. Anxious of waiting for long installation times? This will not occur, even for people with slow connections.


  • Lots of safeguards given to secure users from common hacking attempts, such as DDoS
  • Goes at acceptable speeds when torrenting
  • Fast installation time


  • Servers and headquarters are located in one of the “fourteen eyes” nations (Sweden)
  • Private VPN may temporarily log user’s IP addresses

4. NordVPN

NordVPN is probably one of the better known options that are included in this list. But make no mistake, there’s plenty of pricing options for the saver. The cheapest plan is only $2.99 every month, although you’ll have to purchase it through the 3-year deal. If you have enough to burn for that time period, consider this plan before the other option, which won’t allow you to get the savings that you may want. As shown prior, this is normal for many VPNs, and Nord is no different. They’re also based in a locale that’s very safe for people who must have a provider that sits away from any prying eyes from local governments.


  • Has many high-speed servers that will never go down or faulter
  • Headquartered far away from nations that would possibly obstruct their logging policy
  • Strong end-to-end encryption over the servers


  • More expensive than many of the other brands shown

5. SurfShark

SurfShark is a good VPN for folks that dislike dishonest or misleading login policies in user agreements. The company doesn’t play games with its terms of service and remains true to its commitment to never keeping track of their user’s whereabouts and activity on the web. Feature-wise, the VPN is also pretty speedy and will also unblock most streaming services, no matter what country you’re from. Plans are some of the cheapest that you’ll find, which is surprising considering just how many great features are compiled into the application itself.

It starts at $1.99 over the span of several months but can be switched to something different if needed. This is a two-year long plan and isn’t the best choice for people that cannot spend the bulk payment all in one go at the moment. For that, you would have to stick with the basic options, which is $11.95 on a real per-month basis. Yet SurfShark is still an excellent provider, having fast and abundant servers that will satisfy anyone in need of a reliable but cheap VPN.


  • No logging to speak of, ever (doesn’t keep any info that could leave user’s anonymity in jeopardy)
  • Can unblock most streaming services without issues
  • Very cheap plans; the cheapest option available is only $1.99


  • In order to get the most savings, the longer plan is required to buy up front

6. Trust.Zone

Trust.Zone has the right amount of servers for people that like to play video games on their VPN. Your location will never be known, and your gaming should stay up to speed during fast play. Consistency is key here, and the servers have great connection times that never falter on spotty WiFi signals. But if the connection did go off for some reason, you’re still safe with the famed kill switch feature that’s given with the application. Don’t expect to get in touch with customer support quickly, though. The average waiting period could be anywhere from one to three days. Still, Trust.Zone is a great way to privatize your online activity without worry of your VPN info getting into the hands of third parties.


  • Speeds stay constant during peak hours, all the time
  • Based in the ideal location; far away from the fourteen eyes
  • Stays committed and true to their logging policy, or lack thereof
  • All the best protocols are given with the service


  • If problems arise, it may take several days before customer support reaches out for a resolution

7. VPN Unlimited

VPN Unlimited benefits in areas where other VPN services lack. Customer service is quick to reply to any issues. In fact, you may have a question answered in only 30 minutes tops. And defense wise, its encryption is outstanding at every level. It’s the standard 256 AES but does a great job of getting making you safe from any DDoS or man-in-the-middle attacks. The interface is also a plus and doesn’t become difficult to use for beginners. Just be patient with logging in, especially when there are many people on the network itself. Things can get a little slow but the same cannot be said for the servers. In short, try out VPN Unlimited if you want good servers and prompt customer service.


  • Customer service is on call at any time of the day, 24/7
  • Unpenetrable 256 AES encryption provided
  • Easy to work interface that’s a breeze to master


  • Logging during registration and server sign-in may occur

8. Ivacy

Ivacy has everything in place for people that love to choose a product by the numbers. The speed to price ratio is excellent, and the savings phenomenal. If you do go with their cheapest plan, you’ll have to fork over just $1.99 per month on a five-year payment term. While to total could be quite high during the first payment, the amount in savings is great and make it their most recommended payment option. And like the last product reviewed, customer support has a friendly relationship with their users, whereby problems can be fixed in minutes without the need to a lengthy phone call. Overall, Ivacy is good for users that want to save money but not worry about paying for the service every month.


  • The speeds/price ratio is an excellent choice for anyone that needs good service but competitive payment options
  • No hidden logging attempts are done by the company
  • Customer support can usually fulfill replies in mere minutes


  • Based in Singapore, which has a reputation for privacy-invading laws

9. PureVPN

PureVPN is another popular choice with acceptable payment plans at a good price range. Attributes are numerous, and the service will definitely help in keep you safe from any privacy threats. Torrents also work well within their servers, and will never result in speed throttling. What you get is a VPN that’s riddled with features that you would commonly see in top shelf products. It’s also a favorite among Reddit users, and has been routinely recommended by people with a great deal of knowledge about VPN services.

Furthermore, don’t ever worry about DNS leaks. Your connection will remain off the public grid, even if the program were to sign you off suddenly. At times, your account might take a little while to sign you on, particularly when the servers are very busy. Three minutes is a long time to wait around for a connection. But make no mistake, Pure VPN is still one of the leading providers in the game, and their reputation among the VPN community speaks for itself.


  • Won’t throttle connection speeds when using the VPN for torrenting
  • Has all of the expected security features in place to shield their user based from hackers
  • Can prevent DNS and IP leaks with the “kill switch” feature


  • Connection times may take up to three minutes or longer, especially from slow ISPs

10. VPNArea

Last but certainly not least is VPNArea. It’s a VPN with great ingenuity behind the user interface. You may even learn how to use advanced controls with VPNs by just going through this application alone. Streaming will also work well and result in zero buffering for most formats, music, and video included. Torrenting options are also here, so file share with VPNArea to you don’t have any more spare room on your HDD. The only downside is the occasional lag that may happen when there are a lot of people on one server. If this happens with you, just switch to another one. And since there are over 200, finding a good server should never become a chore.


  • Easy to switch through new servers on the fly
  • Many low cost plans provided, can be easily changed if needed
  • Streaming and torrent sites and applications will work like a charm over most of their servers


  • Users may experience lag when there are many people on the same server

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Pricing Plans typically varied among Most VPNs?

For the most part, yes. Pricing may range from just a few dollars a month, to significantly higher. Higher prices are often rooted in more servers or better server quality, but there are many exceptions, such as what was provided in the reviews above. Then there’s also the monthly or yearly plans. You may not get the best saving with the standalone month-to-month payment option. The only way to do so on some providers is to go ahead with a longer plan duration. This is quite possibly the biggest drawback to using VPNs on the cheap. Still, that’s not always the case for every cheap VPN that you’ll come by.

Would a free VPN be better than Paying Anything?

Not really. Free VPN providers are often criticized for having lax customer support, and many issues that could make using the free service even more of a privacy risk than not using a VPN at all. A free VPN must pay for their servers some way, which for them is best done through keeping a reliance on third parties. Third parties are companies that are acquainted with other businesses, but may not be known. Sometimes, third-party organizations aren’t even known by the VPN that has close ties to them. This is sometimes done intentionally, at least to keep public relations on their side.

A free VPN may also be a huge security risk for reasons that go far beyond logging. In the not-so-distant past, there have been companies that have come under fire for illegal practices, whereby user’s computers were unknowingly being used to create a larger network of servers. Again, this could be done to cover the costs of providing a free service to the public, but borders on illegal activity in many regions. But all is not entirely negative. There are good free VPNs available (OpenVPN has one), yet they’re not recommended to most people, especially for those that will use the service on a smartphone.

Are the Number of Devices I can Connect to one VPN Account an Important Consideration?

If you have a large family or plan on sharing your account with multiple people, then yes, the number of devices given with a service should be your second most important aspect during the shopping process. Typically, most VPN providers will allow an average of five devices to be connected simultaneously. If you’re looking for more, see the exact numbers in the comparison list that’s shown before the reviews. More devices could also equate to more savings since you won’t have to depend on buying additional plans just to cover for loved ones that would like to privatize their presence online. And the speed will never be limited regardless of how many people are on. You could stay connected 24 hours a day, and never lose a kilobyte of speed.

Do cheaper VPNs have any Privacy Issues?

Cheaper VPN providers are pretty much the same as high-end brands, except they’re cheaper. Privacy issues should be minimal, and the only real concern may rest on the logging policies of the company in question. The best way to know what policies are stipulated by any given VPN server is to simply evaluate the company’s user agreement. From here, you can get a glimpse on what information is logged, or what isn’t. Today’s trend for paid VPNs is to maintain a strict no logging policy. Still, there are some that could potentially be misleading with these claims. Looking at reviews may help, or simply asking the company upfront in their contacts page. Additionally, try to remember that many VPN providers will log generic information at the very least. This is usually things that won’t blow your privacy cover, and is oftentimes, used for good intentions. Streamlining their services, adding updates, and improving on features are general reasons for such companies to take up such vague logging information.

Do the prices of VPN services fluctuate Periodically?

Like everything, VPNs will become more expensive overtimes to adjust to inflation. However, prices have remained considerably low over the past few years, with much of it owing to the stiff competition that can seem throughout the VPN category. Your payment plan shouldn’t change at the end of your payment cycle. For those who end up with plans that are longer than a year, the chances of a price increase become much higher. The best thing is to stay up to date on what other payment options the provider allows with the service in the future, taking this into account when the times comes to buy the service again. And if things don’t look good on the VPNs end, simply switch to another one that you think has taken the lead over the choice you previously made.

Is the Streaming/Torrenting Quality over Cheaper VPNs Acceptable?

Torrenting is one of the reasons that made people end up buying VPNs in the first place. That’s because of the way torrent clients have been relegated in recent times. Even getting on a torrent website can be a chore to do with some ISPs. They are blocked very frequently, especially if the server is located in the USA. DMCA compliance has become more commonplace among ISPs and search engines alike, which results in heavily restricted torrenting. If you need to use a VPN for file sharing, check on whether you can access torrent content over the servers. Those shown in the reviews will all perform flawlessly with most torrent clients, and may even have servers specifically for streaming and/or torrenting.

Streaming Netflix over a VPN is a great way to view content that isn’t provided by the company in the region to which you reside. Most streaming services have become region specific, and much of it is owed to the way music is distributed throughout the world by entertainment organizations. Things don’t get any worse with cheap VPNs, and the lowest cost option might perform to the same degree as the VPN that’s much more expensive. Buffering and the rare lag may sometimes happen when you’re looking at content that’s high in definition, but shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the service on most instances. Out of all of the VPNs shown here, streaming is a huge selling point, and the providers go to great lengths to maintain a good balance of fast and dependable servers. So if you want to watch movies and listen to music on your phone or computer over a VPN, the cheapest choice could also be the best.


Did you enjoy the article? If so, which cheap VPN do you think is the best choice out of the ten that were reviewed? If you don’t have an answer and are still shopping, those at the top are recommended the most. All of the companies will have some sort of free trial period as well so you can make your buying choice later down the line when you have the application in your possession. And since this is all about cheap VPNs, many of the providers will reimburse you if you dislike the service that they offer from the start. No longer do you have to settle for the VPN choice that’s the priciest. There’s plenty at hand for anyone that has no intention on making such companies another significant bill to worry about every month. With a low-cost VPN, your privacy is yours to keep, along with your funds!