Parental Controls Guide for Netflix

Thomas Gilham

One of the most popular forms of entertainment among children, teens, and young adults are streaming television services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

Netflix has thousands of movies, T.V. shows, and documentaries available that have tons of great content that can be used to teach, engage, or entertain people from the very young to the very old.

However, with thousands of titles available, it makes sense that there would be content on Netflix that is not appropriate for users of all ages to watch. Some of the movies and T.V. shows on Netflix have age limit ratings indicating that the content is not for children or teens under 18. Fortunately, parents have the option to use parental controls on Netflix to ensure their children are completely protected while watching this service online.

Designed to provide children protection from online content that is inappropriate, parental controls can be used in many ways. Parental controls can be used to simply monitor your child’s activity, to set a limit on the amount of time your child uses something, or they can be used to stop children from being able to access inappropriate content at all. As with most things, parental controls for inappropriate online content are not 100% effective, but there are things that parents can do to ensure their children have as much online protection as possible.

First of all, parents must remember to keep the parental control passwords away from their children because if children have this important information, they may be able to change or turn off the parental control settings and restrictions. Parents should also keep watch over their children to make sure they are not learning any new technology that could allow them to disable or get around any restriction settings in place. For that reason and because updates can cause changes at times, it is also good for parents to monitor their parental control settings often to ensure they are in place and working well.

To set up parental controls on Netflix, parents will first have to set up a four-digit pin number that will apply to every profile on the Netflix account. The pin will be needed for anyone to have access to content that is over the maturity level that you will set during the parental control set up process. To do this, you must go to your Netflix Account page from your Internet browser, then you will click the link under Settings that says Parental Controls.

Then, you much enter the password to you Netflix account and after that, you will be prompted to enter four numbers that will serve as your PIN. Then, it is time to set the PIN protection level of maturity. This will signify the oldest age rating a title must have before the PIN is required. These options include U, which is safe for little kids, PG, which is safe for older kids, Teens, which is safe for ages 13 and older, and Mature, which has 3 different levels. The mature levels include being safe for ages 15 and older, ages 18 and older, and adults. Once you have chosen the age maturity based on the ages of your children, you would click Save.

After you have successfully completed setting up your parental control PIN and the maturity level settings, you and anyone using Netflix will be required to enter that PIN any time someone tries to watch a show or movie that is above the PIN protection maturity level, which is why your children should never have this PIN number. There are a few other things you should keep in mind such as the fact that this PIN will not stop images that may be scary or inappropriate from coming up in quick previews while someone is scrolling through Netflix titles.

You should also remember that once you have entered the PIN it will not be required again until after you sign out or switch profiles, so be sure to do this before letting your children look for any movies or shows. These parental control account settings will be on every device your family uses with the Netflix account you have applied the settings to including your TV, phone, laptop, tablet, or game system.

There are also more specific parental controls for Netflix. If the choose, parents can set up a parental control that requires users to enter a PIN whenever they want to watch certain movies or T.V. shows. Netflix calls this the PIN-protected title setting. This works out well for parents that know of a particular show that they feel is inappropriate for their child and absolutely want to make sure they do not watch or see. The child will be completely blocked from that title with this setting. To set up the PIN-protected title parental control, you will be required to choose a four-digit pin once again that will need to be entered for anyone to play specific movies or T.V. series that you have chosen as inappropriate on any of the profiles that are set up.

To set up the PIN-protected title parental control, you should go to your Account page from your Internet browser. Then, you should click the link under Settings for Parental Controls. You will once again have to enter you Netflix account password, and then choose and enter 4 numbers to be your PIN.

Finally, you should type the title of the movie or T.V. series you want blocked in the box that says, “enter show or movie name” and click on the movie/show title when it comes up. Once all that is done, you can click Save and the PIN protection for a specific title has been applied.

After you have successfully completed the set up for a PIN-protected title, anyone who attempts to play one of the movie or T.V. shows on the PIN-protected list will have to enter the PIN you set up before being allowed to watch. To remove a title from the PIN-protection blocked list, you can go to your Account from the browser and access the Parental Controls under settings. Once you have done this, you can simply select the X that is next to each movie or show title on the blocked list.

Though parental controls provide a great and technical way to keep your children safe and protected online, there are more things parents can do to enforce the importance of this just in case something does go wrong with the settings for some reason. It is good for parents to stay involved with their children’s online life and activities and discuss the things your children are doing online every day.

You can also sit down and watch shows and movies together and discuss what happened on the shows and movies afterwards to get a sense of how your child is thinking and feeling. It is also a good idea to talk with your children about the shows and movies they like to watch so that you can help them make a decision when they are ready to start a new T.V. series or try a new movie.

Your child will also feel more involved if you talk to them before setting up new parental control settings. You can help your children understand why you are doing this and how it keeps them safe and protected.

This discussion will help curb any resentment they may feel about the restriction of the parental control settings. Then you can have an opportunity to learn more about the things your child sees online and how they feel about all the things they see online. These important conversations will help your family find a good balance that works and helps every adult and child get safe and good content from all the online world has to offer.

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