Lastpass Review

Thomas Gilham
Lastpass Review
LastPass: All You Need to Know about the Password Manager

Many web users consider LastPass the best as far as password managers go. And while this is certainly a generous compliment to the company and the hard-working folks behind the software, their brand has certainly made a positive name for themselves. It has the latest encryption technology and a very responsive autofill feature that never misses the account information that you save to the software.

The company was recently bought by LogMeIn, another business with a password manager. But that doesn’t mean that such apps are going to be put on the backburner. On the contrary, LastPass is here to stay for a very long time. Their user base is large given the fact that so many come to it first when needing to store their passwords. But what exactly does the company do right? Here is a breakdown of the manager: an evaluation of everything it does right (and wrong). Check out each section that’s important to you so that you can decide if it’s worthy of a download.

Looking for the Best Password Manager

Searching for password managers is easy to do, but difficult to choose from. There are many on the web today and it’s likely that you already have one, especially if you have a smartphone. But default mobile password managers aren’t always effective, mostly from the fact that they’re so difficult to synch with other software that isn’t on an identical operating system. The first thing you’ll want to look at regarding any password manager is how well the autofill feature works. This can be difficult to know without installing and checking it out for yourself, however.

Some managers will work better on different types of devices than others; never take the words of any review to be completely true. Another important feature is a mechanism in place for the manager to store your passwords. Some could be cloud-based while others are exclusive to your local drive. If you’re going to go for cloud, read up on the server location the application is using. Most of them are good, but some could be risky due to controversies that have happened in the past. Some might even house their cloud servers on their servers. People may sometimes prefer this, but that doesn’t necessarily make it any more secure (at least if the manager is vulnerable to being compromised).

How it Looks next to Competition

LastPass has some stiff competition to worry about. Dozens of apps perform in ways that are similar to it, most notably 1Password and Dashlane. But others such as Bitwarden and KeePassXC do just as good for autofill and synching. If you’re not satisfied with what LastPass has to give, then check out these if they seem promising to you. But like any manager app for passwords, they also have their disadvantages that you should know about. Become familiar with the software when you can, downloading the free versions first if they’re available.

Cloud Services

LastPass provides cloud and local storage for passwords. To choose between the two, simply go to the settings. Once there, you’ll be able to save to either one or use both at the same time. The local storage is better under certain conditions. If you have a personal computer that isn’t shared by anyone, local storage will suffice for you the most. But if you’re reliant on more public means to access your accounts, then cloud storage would be best. As an example of where you would benefit from the cloud, using the device on a public network, an internet cafe, or even with other members of your extended family would be the ideal situation for the cloud.

Two-Factor Authentication

As with many password managers, LastPass has two-factor authentication on all versions of the software. It’s a feature that isn’t completely ready when you’re done installing the software. To enable it, navigate to the settings after you’re logged in. You can then activate it by assigning a phone number to the account. Be sure that it’s a number you have immediate access to every day. For most people, this would be the one that’s on their smartphone’s data plan. From that point forward, you’ll be sent a code every time you log into the LastPass database on your device. Email might still be used at times, particularly if you try to log in from a location that the password manager doesn’t recognize. In other cases, you might have to import codes sent to both your email and mobile phone.

Number of Devices

LastPass will work on a majority of operating systems. Linux and Chromebook are supported through browsers, and the big four (Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android) maintain applications that can be downloaded directly through the App Store and Play Store. On a smartphone, there’s no need for you to go to the web address to do this unless you want to pay for the service from that location. Feel free to make your choice; the same prices for plans are posted on those OS’ respective web stores. Sometimes, there might be discounts given to smartphone users but not very often. If you’re on an older piece of software such as Windows XP or Versions of Mac that are older than Snow Leopard, then you may not be able to use LastPass at all until you update the system. Doing so is highly suggested, since some of LastPass’ features could be missing from earlier OS versions, along with versions of the application itself.

Business Friendliness

LastPass is a treasure for business users, no matter how large or small the organization might be. The two primary plans in the category are Business and Enterprise. The former is the cheapest options and the latter the most expensive. Both of them have about the same attributes but Enterprise increases the user count to a number that would be beneficial to a group larger than 50 or 100. Small businesses would be better off with the original business subscription. Furthermore, both are streamlined to enable more productivity from employers. Less time will be spent by them wasting time from managing multiple accounts and passwords.


LastPass’ prices are beyond acceptable. It’s probably the driving force behind the company’s success. There’s a free version for you to try out first. But this one is stripped of most features that you could need later on down the line, especially if you have a large horde of accounts to manage. Next up is the premium plan. This is only $3.00 every month and must be renewed on a yearly interval. Premium has unlimited passwords will help subscribers sync them on to most devices and alternative cloud applications. After that, there’s the family plan, which houses six accounts in total for the price of $4.00 monthly. Go with this one if you won’t be the only one in your household to use LastPass.

Password Recovery Options

Let’s pretend that you forget your password and couldn’t remember it off the top of your head. How would you go about getting it back or restoring access to your password manager account? The method available to users changes with every manager, but LastPass has a very useful tool that’s tasked with doing just this. It’s called the LastPass Account Recovery Application. This is for smartphone only, although it could be downloaded on the Play Store for Chromebook. For those experiencing this problem on a desktop, you’ll have to go to the online user manual and account recovery page. While there, provide the site the email address that you used to sign up with the account. Following the information that you gave in the account that concerns resetting or recovering your password, you might have to answer secret questions or contact LastPass with a support ticket to get the account back. If all fails, then LastPass will reinstate your account, with one big catch: your data that was saved in the local or cloud drive might be deleted. It’s to help protect you from someone that could be hypothetically posing as yourself.

Customer Support

LastPass has below average customer support. One expects much from applications on the net today, and many companies maintain a support ticketing system and live chat support. Live chat is unavailable with LastPass, and all questions about the software should be sent to LogMeIn. The turnaround time for a response typically takes about a day or two. Some users have criticizes LastPass for taking too long to get a knowledgeable reply. Others have described the into as too vague or completely false. Still, even more, have complimented the reps for doing a good job with response time, especially those on a paid plan. The free users will probably have to wait for the longest for a response. In the past, some issues have kept people from responding to LastPass for a long time. If their services are ever down, get ready to wait about a week to hear back from someone.

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of LastPass’ most known positives and criticisms. A few of them have been shown already, but consist of areas that need to change (or take as constructive) the most.


  • The Free Plan is Excellent for Beginners – Beginners can choose any plan they want from LastPass, but the free plan is great if you would like to get more familiar with the way password managers works. It’s not overly fancy but easy to understand. If you don’t get it, you can use either help notifications or the users manual that’s on their website.
  • Beautiful App Design and Layout – The app’s menu options are set in a way that makes getting to everything very easy. From accessing your autofill data to making backups in the cloud, LastPass has designed a great app that performs fast and looks nice while doing it.
  • Recovering the Master Password is Possible – You can recover your master password if you lose it with LastPass. Those on a smartphone have it easier than people without, but the website also has a recovery tool that you can try to get back your account.
  • Dual Storage Capabilities – Relying on local and cloud servers, LastPass’ dual backup and storage systems are great. They’re protected with 266-bit AES encryption technology, the same kind that’s used officially by government workers to keep people from accessing sensitive documents and text data.


  • Unusual Customer Service – LastPass does have customers service contact methods, but they’re not always as responsive. Their user base has complained about this for some time now. It’s advised that LastPass figures out a way to maintain a better relationship with their customers that have to wait too long for a support ticket reply.
  • Autofill forms may not always Load to the User’s Screen – Autofill works well most of the time but you may run across some sites that appear to have trouble loading the data on your account. If you do, try to ensure that you didn’t erase the data,


LastPass is recommended for good version plan, good prices on all their subscriptions, and above syncing measures with the premium plan and above. Get your family protected if the family plan seems better suited for you; you don’t have to protect yourself if staying with a loved one. Premium will get all of your password on the database, which stores everything that you type into the browser’s web page you’re on. In a nutshell, LastPass is a great tool that has high credibility with beginner and advanced users.

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