How To Clear Cookies

Thomas Gilham

Cookies are useful when navigating the Web, but they also contribute to a lack of privacy online. The good news is you can remove unwanted cookie files in a few simple steps.


How to Clear Cookies in Google Chrome

There is no single standardized way of clearing cookies across browser platforms, so there are different steps for different browsers. Fortunately, there are only six major browsers used by today’s Internet users: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, and Netscape. Out of these, Chrome is the most popular, so let’s start there.

• Click the Chrome icon on the top right of the browser toolbar.

• Click on ‘Settings’.

• Click on ‘Show advanced settings’.

• Click on ‘Content Settings’ under the ‘Privacy’ tab.

• Under the ‘Cookies’ tab, click on ‘All cookies and site data’.

• After clicking on ‘All cookies and site date’, a list of all of your browser cookies will appear. You can select certain cookies to remove or click ‘Remove All’ to clear them all.

**To block sites from downloading future cookies, click on ‘Block sites from setting any data.’ However, if you do this, some sites using cookies will stop working. For this reason, it’s best to use these instructions to periodically clear cookies instead.


How to Clear Cookies in Internet Explorer

• Press the Start button.

• Click on the Control Panel.

• Double click on the ‘Internet Options’ tab.

• Under the General tab, you’ll have the option to ‘Delete temporary files, history, cookies, saved passwords…’ Go ahead and click ‘Delete’.

• When you click delete, the ‘Delete Browsing History’ box will appear. It will have a ‘cookies’ checkbox. Click it.

• At the bottom of the box, click the ‘Delete’ button.

• The ‘Internet Properties’ dialogue box will appear next. Click ‘OK’.


How to Clear Cookies in Mozilla Firefox

Before taking the following steps to clear your Firefox cookies, make sure you’re using the latest updated version. Doing so will allow you to benefit from the latest security updates and reduce your chance of being targeted by malware or spyware. It will also help ensure the removal of cookies on your PC.


Remove Individual Cookies:

• Click on the ‘Firefox’ button located on the top of your browser window. Then, click ‘Options’.

• Click on the ‘Privacy’ tab.

• Set it to ‘Use custom settings for history’.

• On the right side, click the ‘Show Cookies’ button.

**To manually delete cookies set by each site, enter the domain name in the search field. A list of cookies for the site will appear. Check the cookies you want to remove and click the ‘Remove Cookie’ button.

Remove All Cookies:

• To delete every cookie, click the Firefox button on the top of the window.

• Click on the ‘History’ tab to bring up the history menu.

• Click ‘Clear Recent History’. You’ll see a ‘Time Range to Clear’ option. Select ‘Everything’.

• Next to ‘Details’ you will see a downward arrow. Click on it.

• Click ‘Cookies’ and then click the ‘Clear Now’ button.


How to Clear Cookies in Safari

These steps are for the Lion OSX in Safari. However, before following them, please note that removing Safari browser cookies or making changes to your cookie preferences may affect the cookie settings for other applications running on your device.

• Open up Safari.

• Click ‘Preferences’. Then, click on ‘Privacy’.

• Click ‘Details’.

• A list of websites that use cookies will appear. Select a site and click the ‘Remove’ button to clear the cookies for individual sites, click the ‘Remove All’ button to clear all of the cookies.

• Click ‘Done’ when finished.


How to Clear Cookies in Opera

Opera is considered a ‘fast’ browser, and it has developed a small but loyal following over the years. However, like other browsers, it can become inundated with cookies over time. Fortunately, you can manage Opera browser cookies by following a few simple steps.

• At the top of the browser, click on ‘Settings’.

• Next, click on ‘Preferences’ and then ‘Advanced’.

• In the ‘Advanced’ menu, click on ‘Cookies’.

• Next, you can choose to only accept cookies from frequently visited sites or never accept cookies. Once again, if you choose to block all cookies, some sites using cookies will stop working. By accepting cookies by frequently visited sites, cookies from third-party sites and advertising networks will be blocked.

• If you want to use specific sites without storing cookies between visits, select ‘Delete new cookies when exiting Opera’.


How to Clear Cookies in Netscape

Like Opera, Netscape doesn’t have nearly as many users as the other browsers on this list. However, if you happen to be one of the few using Netscape, here are the instructions for clearing cookies in Netscape 6.0+.

• In the menu bar, go to ‘Edit’.

• Click on the ‘Preferences’ tab.

• Click on ‘Advanced’.

• Click on the ‘Cookies’ field.

• Select ‘Disable Cookies’ and then click on ‘OK’.

• Go to the ‘Start’ button and click on ‘Find’.

• Click on ‘Files and Folders’.

• A search box will appear. Type “cookies.txt” into the search box and click ‘Find Now.’

• Drag all of the search results to the ‘Recycle Bin.’

• Restart Netscape.

**If you would like to receive future warnings in Netscape when a site wants to install a cookie, select ‘Warn Me Before Accepting a Cookie’ under the ‘Cookies’ field in the ‘Advanced’ settings.

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