Best Google Chrome Security Extensions You Need to Install

Thomas Gilham

When browsing the internet, the majority of people use Google Chrome, because it is generally the most secure, the most responsive, and has a clean layout. Whenever doing something online, it is important to keep your personal security in mind to ensure that you and your identity are protected by those that might wish to harm it.

Although Google Chrome comes with natural security features and settings that help to protect and secure your privacy, there are other precautions that you can take by added different Chrome extensions to your browser. Here we will discuss a few of the better security protection extensions that will help.

However, it is important to understand before going into this topic that not all Chrome extensions are safe to run on your computer. Some of them are created by third-parties, and they could cause an issue or help improve productivity.

You should always be cautious when adding any extensions to ensure that it will in the end do more good than harm. With that being said, the following are some Chrome extensions that have gained excellent traction since release and should help with your Google Chrome experience.

1. Webutation

Before 2017, most people used Web of Trust or WOT as their add-on for anything to do with reputability scores. However, back in 2017, many of the WOT users realized that there was a major issue with their security and privacy policies. Although WOT said they would work on this issue and tighten up their security, many users uninstalled the extension and switched to Webutation.

Webutation is easy to use and easy to understand. Whenever you go to a webpage, a small shield will appear in the top right-hand corner of the page. On the shield, it will show the page’s rating out of 100. However, this is not the only inclination that Webutation provides you. The shield will also be one of three colors: Red, Yellow, or Green.

If the shield is red, then Webutation has deemed the site not safe, and you should immediately get away from it to avoid any issues. If the shield turns up yellow, then the page is a little wary, and you can proceed, but you should do so with caution. If the shield is green, then the page has been deemed safe to use, and you can proceed. Just because the shield appears red, does not mean that you cannot continue with your search.

Whenever the shield appears red, Webutation will also display a warning message to you. At this time, you can use the message to safely return where you just were or continue on the page at your own risk having been warned. Webutation is also excellent for parents. It will allow you to block any access to sites that are deemed for adults on your kid’s computer. Plus, it can let you block access to any sites that are considered to be “bad” by the overall system.

Webutation bases its ratings on various factors from a number of different sources in its algorithm. However, it is considered to be an open community design, which means that it mainly relies on the user base. If you are curious, you can click on the icon to go to and find out more information about the site, and you can even leave your own rating on the website.

It takes a number of different aspects into account like Google Safe Browsing, properly cited Wikipedia pages, phishing blacklists, and Norton Antivirus. However, they also allow a small consideration to go towards social reputation. They also check to see if a site has a SSL certification. When compared to the old WOT extension, Webutation uses a lot of the same community base ratings as the other extension, but it provides a number of additional safety checks that puts it over the top.

2. Avast Online Antivirus Chrome Extension

Avast Security Online has proven to be one of the best antivirus chrome extensions when it comes to warning you about any risks that a page you are visiting might pose. It lets you know if it is a fake page, and it even reveals to you if the URL you are attempting to add is a legitimate URL. After all, everyone has entered a domain name incorrectly or misspelled it at one time or another, and Chrome itself does not recognize this type of error.

So, Chrome will attempt to send you to whatever domain name that you type even if it is an incorrect URL. However, with the Avast Online Antivirus extension, this is no longer an issue. It is able to auto correct any of the mistakes that you made while entering a URL, which will help you from going to a site accidentally that you did not mean to head to.

After all, everyone uses analytics to track cooking, which can ultimately follow your overall browsing activity. This is how many companies know what you are searching for and what you might like when they send you advertisements. However, with the Avast chrome extension, this does not happen.

It is based on a community driven rating system, which means that other users are able to rate their experiences with different websites and warn you of any dangers that come from a particular website and keep you from making their same mistake.

3. Panic Button

Everyone enjoys their browsing to be secure, but they also want a fast experience. Therefore, having to click on multiple extension buttons to browse can become rather tedious if you are in a hurry. The makers of the Panic Button extension understand this and have adapted this in mind with their extension. The apply it directly to the tabs of your browser.

You can personally customize a button on your keyboard to act as your shortcut, which will make the tab disappear, and then they will send you back to a “safe page” or rather a page that you have deemed appropriate to go to in emergency situations. Unlike with other extensions, doing this will not delete the tab. It merely moves it to a secure list that you can have protected with a password to look at at a future date of your choosing.

This is an excellent extension for parents who use the same computer as their children and wish to keep certain things hidden away from them, like potential Christmas gifts, and what not. However, this extension also provides a security purpose, as well.

Panic Button can also help with the countless popup windows that randomly appear when you are browsing. It will hide these popups away from your site in the list, and it will allow you to pick and choose which ones you want to view and ignore the rest at your own leisure.

4. uMatrix

If you are an experienced user, uMatrix is a Google Chrome extension that was designed to specifically help you increase your security options while browsing. It allows you to use a point-and-click method to pick and choose between what information is actually downloaded specifically to your device. It will also allow you to choose other actions that can or cannot be done on your computer, and it will allow you to sort of the different types of browsers that can be connected too.

Unlike other Chrome extensions, uMatrix is rather complex, and it can be a little overwhelming when it is first installed and opened. However, once it has been used and continuously navigated, the overall system and results become easier to navigate. uMatrix first opens up and it will provide you a load of information about various websites and all of the things that they do and do not offer. It centers more around the images, cookies, CSS, scripts, frames, and several other codes that are used on websites.

A lot of these rows will look similar when you first begin looking at them, and you can pick and choose which ones will be allowed to be accessed or blocked. For instance, if you want to protect your children and keep them from going onto social media websites, uMatrix makes this possible. It is also useful in the workplace for employers to be able to ensure that their employees are only dealing with work-related activities online.

This extension is highly customize-able. You can allow access or deny access to an entire column of websites, or you can pick and choose different settings for sites in the same column. It is all entirely up to you. However, the ultimate goal that uMatrix strives to achieve is to allow you have full control over your own security and privacy when browsing on the internet.

5. Vanilla Cookie Manager

The Vanilla Cookie Manager extension has one primary function, which is to help limit specific functions whenever you are browsing while not impeding on your overall performance. Although some people think that all cookies are bad, this is not accurate. There are a lot of cookies that are helpful. For instance, autofill is a direct result of cookies working for the better good. They help to speed up your experience by saving your preferences that you select on various websites.

However, that being said, even the good kind of cookies do track you. After all, that is actually their direct function. It is important to be privacy-conscious, and it doesn’t mean that you are a privacy fanatic, it just means that you are a cautious person, which you should be. Vanilla Cookie Manager will help to keep this in tact. It will allow you to put certain sites on a white list, and the rest of the sites that you visit, the extension will clear the cookies for you automatically.

When you have Vanilla cookie manager enabled, when going to different websites, you can click on the tool bar and choose whether you want to white list the website or not. If you do not trust the website with the extension, it will blacklist the website and automatically delete any cookies that are created from the result of that particular website.

6. PixelBlock

A lot of people do not realize that it is possible for others to track the emails that they send to your computer. What does this mean? This means that they can see when and if you open their email, and if you do not open it in a timely manner, they could be pushy and question you outright about opening it or they might sit there thinking that you do not care enough to open it. You deserve privacy in your home or office without someone dictating and watching what you are or are not doing in your email.

This is where the PixelBlock extension comes in handy. It is able to help prevent this type of tracking to promote your privacy. Whenever you go to a website with this extension active, a red eye will appear near the name of the sender if they are trying to track your movements. This alerts you that they attempted to see if you opened it, but on their end, they will not receive any information because this extension will block them from viewing it.

7. No Script Suite Lite

JavaScript is the foundation programming language that is used for the internet in its current form. It is a large part of a person’s browsing experience, and it is also the backbone of more online infrastructures and apps. This is why many people continue to learn JavaScript, especially those that are wanting to become programmers. However, there are sometimes when JavaScript is a bad thing. The main reason behind this is the fact that it can sometimes hide malicious activity that would otherwise have been seen.

Some people disable JavaScript, but this will decrease a lot of functionality. There are a lot of things on websites that will not show up if you have it disabled, and it ends up just being an all around nightmare. No Script Suite Lite is the solution to this problem. It helps to limit the different sites that run JavaScript by running it only on websites that you trust.

All you have to do is simply add them to your white list, which lets you continue with your surfing. A few of the extensions that this particular extension runs well with include Netcraft Extension and Webutation. Plus, you can toggle the extension on and off easily by slipping clicking in the toolbar.

8. HTTPS Everywhere

When looking at a website’s domain name, if it starts with HTTPS, this means that it is classified as being a secured website. All of these websites have a SSL certificate, which means that any of the information that is gathered on the website will be encrypted for security purposes.

This is just one of the many ways that companies allow their clients and customers to recognize that they can be trusted. All of the credit card, personal information, or personal messages that are sent or received from that particular website will be encrypted. So, what happens if a website that you need to use doesn’t have the “s”? This is where HTTPS Everywhere extension comes into play.

When this extension is activated, no matter what website you are on it will turn that site into a HTTPS website and help to secure and encrypt all of your information. There are some websites that are not receptive to the extension, and if they do not, the extension will give you the option to continue forward or to go back to a safe location. If you choose to continue on these websites, it is important to remember that your information is not being encrypted by the website or by the extension, so you should proceed with precaution.

9. Simple Blocker

There are numerous add-ons out there that offered the promise of being able to lock your individual browser tabs behind secure passwords. However, the reality is that usually they will let you down. It is important to look at the different reviews for each one to ensure that it works and gets good feedback from people.

Simple Blocker is designed as a productivity tool, but it also acts as an additional security measure. Initially, this extension was designed for students when they are browsing different social media websites, but now it is used by many people other than students. Simple Blocker can also be used to help prevent any users from going onto suspicious or malicious websites, which can be great if you are a parent with children.

It can help you keep track of what your children can and cannot view when they are browsing the internet and you are not there. All you have to do is go to the Simple Blocker interface and add a website to the blacklist, and it will prevent anyone from accessing that website.

10. AdBlocker Ultimate

Advertisers know how to attract people. After all, that is what they do. However, there are a lot of flashy advertisements that can be malicious to your computer, and they can cause a lot of different types of issues. Some of them hide malware behind them, which means that they will immediately start downloading dangerous software to your computer without you giving it the go ahead. This is where AdBlocker Ultimate comes in handy.

It isn’t like other ad-blocking extensions, because it doesn’t accept or whitelist any type of advertisement. It treats them all the same, which means that you do not have to worry about one slipping through the cracks with AdBlocker Ultimate. This is a free extension, and it will keep your browsing experience from being slowed down. If you decide that you do want to see some of the advertisements, you can utilize one of the extensions features to see them safety, which will help to improve your overall browsing experience.

11. Click & Clean

Click & Clean is a Chrome add-on that is designed to help make browsing session both private and secure. When you have this extension, you can delete any and all of your private data with the single click of a button. It gives you the option to do this to everything or individually selected items. It also allows you to select a particular timescale that you want it to go through and delete things.

When you have this extension selected, you can just select the icon that appears on the toolbar for the extension. This will then pull up its menu, which is colorful and eye-catching. If you find yourself in a precarious position on a website, you can have the entire browser closed and erased with the single click of a button, which is essential when it comes to privacy security.

It offers you an array of options and customize-able settings which will allow you to do things like save your passwords, clear download history, clear your cache, and save different data for forms via cookies. There are other extensions that do some of the same things, but Click & Clean is unique because it allows you to clear data from incognito mode and provides you with password generation, to help ensure the security of your passwords.

12. SiteJabber

SiteJabber is classified as being one of the largest community based extensions for Google Chrome. Other users of this extension help to review different websites for safety and authenticity. Whenever you get ready to do a new project or surf the web, this extension will provide you with user based information about different sites and how safe they are. Each one will receive a small icon that is either green, yellow, or red, to help you determine if you want to go to the site or not.

Some of the areas that this extension rates sites on is how safe they are and if they can be trusted not to flood your computer with malware or different types of phishing links. All you have to do is hover your mouse over the small icon and a summary of the site you are considering will pop up. If you click on that, you will see detailed reviews form other users that have visited that particular website and what they have to say about it. Plus, SiteJabber allows you to ask questions about different sites to get a response back from the community.

13. Credit Card Nanny

Credit Card Nanny is a Google Chrome extension that is meant to compliment and work with the HTTPS Everywhere extension. Although TSL/SSL certificates are meant to provide you with peace of mind, it is important to understand that they should not always be 100 percent trusted. There are a number of ways that a website can choose to store private information, and even if the site encrypts this information, it is still possible that the site itself could get hacked, which will allow the hacker to see the information, regardless of encryption.

Credit Card Nanny is designed to detect if a form you are filling out is sending the information in clear text, which means it can be viewed without encryption by administrators. When visiting one of these websites, you should proceed with caution to make sure that you actually need to enter the information on this website. However, this extension will allow you to continue on if you know that you need to do so or if you think that the information you are entering will be fine on an individual basis.

14. Secure Mail for Gmail

People do not realize how much sensitive information can be found in your email. With this in mind, it is important to ensure that your email security is a top priority. Usually emails can be encrypted, which means that other people wouldn’t be able to read your emails but it is important to note that sometimes this fails, and other people are able to read them.

This is where Secure Mail for Gmail comes in. This extension will allow you to encrypt your emails with a password, which means that no one will be able to read them if they do not now your security password. This means that whenever your recipients gets the email, they will have to know your password to decrypt the message, but it is important to note that in order for this to work the other people you are sending emails too have to have the same extension.


In the past, shortened links were extremely popular, but now, they are generally only used on social media websites or sites like Amazon. Most pages use these types of links to provide a quick redirect path to different parts of a page or website, but this can cause issues and send you off to malicious software websites because the original endpoint of the link has been hidden.

How Does Work: Basically, when you have this extension enabled, you will click on the condensed URL, and the extension will filter through and detect if the website has any malicious software connected to the website. After doing this, it will send you a warning it if detects any malware, and then you can choose whether or not to see the filtered page or not. It might not seem like this extension will be used frequently, but it is one extension that when it is used will provide substance and quality to your browsing experience.

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