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If you live in the UK, you’re probably familiar with many of the intrusive laws that make it difficult to store information online in a safe a secure fashion. Unless you’re using strong encryption, then most of what you put on the internet within the United Kingdom could be read by people working for the government. And that’s not even counting the black hat crimes of organized hackers. Never before is there a strong desire for such entities to obtain the passwords of the millions who log into accounts every day than there is now. However, there is one solution to help maintain the confidentiality of your web login info. A password manager can sync all of your account passwords into a single database that’s accessible through any computer running the program. And if it’s in the cloud, you won’t even need to do an installation. Here are ten of the best password managers for people in the UK, picked for having strong encryption and trusted servers.


Why You Should Consider Using a Password Manager

Even if you’re not keen on security, a password manager is great for increasing your productivity while on a computer. You free up lots of time from not having to think of old passwords that you rarely use. You can also push already existing password into the system, to which they can either change it for you or make those (already existing) even stronger if you wish. Some password managers are completely cloud-based, while others maintain a database on the browser you use. This could be either through a bookmarklet or a downloadable extension. If you’re on a smartphone, you can simply download the application from your choice or web store, according to the operating system you’re on.


How Password Managers Work

When you download and install a password manager, the first option that you’ll typically be asked to do is make an account with the service. When that’s done, you can begin to either sync current passwords to the system or upload new ones. Keep in mind that as you’re doing this, you may have the ability to place additional sensitive data into the database, including but not limited to contacts, phone numbers, text documents, and even credit card information. With the provider shown below, don’t worry about giving them this info; they are reliable and trustworthy with all of your information.


Comparison Table

  • 1Password: Encryption: Yes; No logging: None; Multi-Device Support: Yes
  • LastPass: Encryption: Yes; No logging: None; Multi-Device Support: Yes
  • Keeper: Encryption: Yes; No logging: None; Multi-Device Support: Yes
  • Dashlane: Encryption: Yes; No logging: None; Multi-Device Support: Yes
  • Log Me Once: Encryption: Yes; No logging: None; Multi-Device Support: Yes
  • Avira Password Manager: Encryption: Yes; None; No logging: Multi-Device Support: Yes
  • Enpass: Encryption: Yes; No logging: None; Multi-Device Support: Yes
  • oneID: Encryption: Yes; No logging: None; Multi-Device Support: Yes
  • Symantec Norton Password Manager: Encryption: Yes; No logging: None; Multi-Device Support: Yes
  • 1U Password Manager: Encryption: Yes; No logging: None; Multi-Device Support: Yes



Top 10 Best Password Managers for the UK – Here are the Best Password Managers for People living in the United Kingdom



1Password has been recommended as the go-to password manager for beginners. But even if you consider yourself an expert with similar applications, you would still do well with its services. The generator can create good combinations that are tough and impossible to crack with brute force. You can sync with your OneDrive, DropBox, or iCloud services. And managing your social media accounts has never been simpler.


  • The application is simple but doesn’t require a great deal of knowledge to master
  • Good password combinations when done by the A.I.
  • Syncs with most alternative cloud-based services


  • May not show passwords when requested



LastPass will share your password and account information with other computers that you want to send the information to. It’s also compatible with most major operating systems. Downloading it to your computer is a breeze, and files are stored locally, making your accounts safe from possible intrusions and breaches by authorities in the UK. It can save your passwords automatically, so anything new that’s placed on a website registration page will be saved without the need to authorize any commands.


  • Sharing with other computers is fast; supported by most popular operating systems
  • Automated memorization of passwords
  • If preferred, users can “lend” their passwords to other people while serving as its administrator


  • One of the costliest of all password managers


3. Keeper

The Keeper Password Manager has lots of neat tricks up its sleeve. There are several plans for you to choose from, both free and paid. You can set up the application to run in tune with your smartphone’s screen lock (if you’re on a smartphone). After that, the automation begins. Everything from entering passwords that you already have a place in the system to sending URLs to the servers you’re on will take place without pushing a button. Use it for your business, or at home if needing to merge all of your existing passwords.


  • Has many plans and payment options
  • When used on smartphones, the application can integrate with the screen-lock code that’s used for the device
  • Can shorten the administrative duties of many professions


  • Switching to manual operation is likely when a computer’s memory is full



Dashlane Password Manager has neat features as well, having good pricing plans for businesses and individual users. No matter what you intend to use the application for, it’ll surely be put to great use, especially the browser extension. It runs as a bookmarklet that’s entirely separate from the other widgets that are housed on your browser of choice. And feel free to use it with multiple browsers, not just one. The only setback that might be annoying it is how the autofill sometimes posts the incorrect login information, which can only be fixed by placing in the information manually by yourself. But Dashlane is still one of the best in the category; try it for yourself if you want a password manager that you can trust to protect you.


  • Good pricing on the basic plan
  • Strong defenses that will protect the accounts, even if the program is used on a computer that’s compromised
  • Has support on many browser extensions


  • Autofill many sometimes by inaccurate


Log Me Once

Log Me Once is all about making things easier for people, especially when it comes to navigating the application. It doesn’t matter if you’re signed on to a mobile device or desktop computer-handling your passwords is easy for the service. Controls are intuitive, and getting through the menus while uploading accounts can be done in record time. Considering it if the computer that you work on is an older model, as the manager will never lag or cause it to slow down from using up too much of your hardware’s RAM.


  • Controls are rudimentary but all options can be easily found
  • Secure interactions between the administrator and other users on the database
  • Works as expected when used on a slow computer


  • Ads may interfere with the autofill’s ability to place text in forms fast



Avira Password Manager

Avira Password Manager tool takes customer service to another level. If you contact them, the response time is almost immediately, especially if your inquiry fall on a weekday. You can also call them for any concerns that you have about the product, including their relationship with the UK government which is none. Thata means your data stored on the app is safe, and will stay in your hands only. It cannot be read by them since Avira stored your data using end-to-end 256-AES. And while the sign up and installation time aren’t the fastest that you’ve likely seen around, everything is smooth sailing afterwards.


  • Customer service is fast and can be contacted easily
  • Basic enough for beginners but has enough control to impress advanced users
  • Doesn’t slow down browser speed


  • Long installation time




Enpass Password Manager goes to great lengths to improve their service, even if you think that things couldn’t be improved any more than it already has. You can run it on Windows, Mac, and smartphones. But before you even pay a penny, the service has a great free trial that will let you see everything that you’ll get with the paid version later. And yes, that means no payment details have to be sent when you download and install. The occasional crash might occur on some smartphones, but can be mitigated by not running any application while the program is downloading.


  • The application is constantly updating and improving on aspects that concern customers
  • Has a generous free period where users won’t have to pay upfront
  • Can differentiate between difficult text boxes (such as full name, first name, and last name)


  • Crashing has been reported when used with smartphones




oneID does a good job of simplifying things that have annoyed users that are switched to the service from other password managers. Signing into your account doesn’t have to be done with a master password, and can instead be opened using a confirmation that’s sent to your smartphone. However, you won’t get a password generator with this application, and that could be a major drawback from using the service. So long as you’re careful to not lose your phone or let it get into the wrong hands, oneID will save you even more time than ordinary password managers can.


  • Users can quickly find stored passwords when in a hurry
  • Hard copies of usernames and passwords can be created
  • Fast sign-in techniques


  • May not synch with all devices



Symantec Norton Password Manager

Symantec Norton has a password manager tool that works outside of the company’s already famous antivirus programs. It can sync to most operating systems and encrypts everything when doing so. When it’s time to generate new passwords, the application will let you know if they’re strong or too weak. And if that wasn’t enough, all users get to start with a free trial period. Give it a shot if you need a password manager that shows you how to use the application step-by-step, either through live chat or in-app widgets.


  • Ideal for users with various brands of computers and smartphones
  • The free trial doesn’t leave anything out; all features provided when a subscription is begun
  • Syncs between devices at a fast rate


  • Plans cannot be placed on a short subscription



1U Password Manager

The 1U Password Manager tool is a good pick for work-related account management. But even if you’re just one person that needs it for single use, trying it out wouldn’t hurt one bit. That’s because the app will save all of your passwords instead of you having to do this yourself. There are not bug within it, but improvements could be made to where options appear on menu screen of the app. It works swiftly, and passwords are delivered immediately when you’re ready for autofill.


  • Any part of a particular website that has text can be auto-filled
  • Saves all passwords, even those that have been deleted
  • Works fast; not gaps in between waiting for autofill


  • Some features could need tweaking prior to use (but after installation)



Buyer’s Guide/FAQs


What can I do to stay safe from the UK’s Data Retention Laws?

The best way that you can protect yourself from the UK’s arguably draconia data retention laws is to know how to use the internet, and the applications that you depend on. Always look for password managers that will encrypt your synced files, regardless of whether or not they’re locally or server based. However, go for managers that give you the choice to store information locally if you can, since you won’t have to depend on the computers (and trust of outside sources). A good password manager will still keep your information outside of their knowledge, no matter if you’re using cloud services with them or not.


Will a Password Manager Help Me save Time?

You will save lots of time when using a password manager. Remember, you’ll no longer need to depend on the autofill capabilities of your browser, which can sometimes be riddled with vulnerabilities. And when registering for new accounts, you won’t have to press any buttons when it attaches to your page, besides Enter. Today’s web users have multiple accounts that are used for either work or entertainment, and having a place to put them all will give the burden of managing them all to the application you choose.



It’s time to take back your web privacy. No longer do you have to sit back and idly wonder if your accounts are being looked at a mined for information, either by hackers are official sources. You can choose any of the password managers that were reviewed, and be satisfied with them all. Autofill is the primary feature on them, can do an outstanding job of remembering all the things you place on sign-ins and registrations. You will no longer groan for having to fill out lengthy emails at work or home, and even your important documents can be secured to the manager. Once you install a password manager to your device, you’ll wonder how you when so long without one!

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