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Password managers are a great way to consolidate all of the passwords that you have, whether they be on multiple devices or only one. On the iPhone, multiple applications can do this, all of them readily available for download on the App Store. If you want to find out which password manager app is best for you, look at the list below showcasing the top ten that are featured on the iPhone. Then when you’re done with the reviews, don’t forget to read the FAQ for important answers to how they work.


iOS Password Managers vs iCloud Keychain

Here you used iCloud Keychain before? if so, you’re probably thinking that you don’t need a password manager. But consider other smartphones or computers that you may come across when you’re not on your Apple device. Wouldn’t it be great if you have the functionality and of Keychain on any computer, you used, regardless of whether it was Apple or not? This is what you can do with a general password manager. Currently, there’s no easy way to merge Keychain passwords with hardware alternatives but you there are some exceptions when trying it out on your iPhone.


How a Password Manager can Help You

Although today’s world is more connected to the internet than ever, keeping up with all those “connections” can be a big task on its own. You may likely have email or social media accounts that cannot be remembered. Signing for things like PayPal, Linkedin, or Skrill should never be done using the same password. This could make it easier for hackers to get into said accounts if they get into just one of them. A password manager will provide each account that you create with different key combinations that can be unlocked using just a single master password. Sometimes, this is stored in the device that you’re on, which would be the iPhone in this scenario. But many of them will manage your passwords in cloud storage.


Comparison List

  • 1Password: In the App Store: Yes; Encryption: AES-256; In the Cloud: Yes, iCloud
  • LastPass: In the App Store: Yes; Encryption: AES-256; In the Cloud: Yes
  • Keeper Password Manager: In the App Store: Yes; Encryption: AES-256; In the Cloud: Yes
  • Dashlane: In the App Store: Yes; Encryption: AES-256; In the Cloud: Yes
  • eWallet: In the App Store: Yes; Encryption: AES-256; In the Cloud: Yes
  • DataVault: In the App Store: Yes; Encryption: AES-256; In the Cloud: Yes
  • Enpass Manager: In the App Store: Yes; Encryption: AES-256; In the Cloud: Requires Third Party
  • mSecure: In the App Store: Yes; Encryption: AES-256; In the Cloud: Yes
  • Password Safe Manager Lock App: In the App Store: Yes; Encryption: AES-256; In the Cloud: Yes
  • SafeInCloud: In the App Store: Yes; Encryption: AES-256; In the Cloud: Yes



Top 10 Best Password Managers for iPhone – Try Out These Ten Password Managers for iOS



Password generators have a tendency to be either his or miss when it comes to synching with iCloud Keychain. With 1Password, you can do this effortlessly, transferring all of your passwords onto the application fast. Just remember to turn off keychain while you’re using it so as to not let it get in the way of the autofill feature. When you’re ready to put in other passwords that exist outside of this, doing so is very simple. Sometimes, passwords that you have saved might not show up in when searching for them, but it’s something that shouldn’t occur very often.


  • Passwords that are stored in iCloud Keychain can be placed into the password manager
  • Clean interface that’s easy to navigate
  • Only one password is needed for memorization


  • Using the search function doesn’t always find saved passwords




LastPass is a great tool for organizing all text and documents that are saved to your iPhone. And the password generation attributes is just as useful and quick. It’s set to a small amount, so you’ll have to change it in the settings if you want it to add more characters than the default option. If more than one person will be using LastPass alongside with you, there’s the option of sending temporary passwords to them that can only be used for a short amount of time. As a result, the application is great for work and entertainment.


  • The software can be integrated and exchanged in between devices, including iOS
  • Password generation is done automatically
  • Allows users to distribute individual passwords without giving out the primary


  • A bit pricier than many of the other paid options that are available



Keeper Password Manager

Keeper Password Manager has everything that you’ll need to get started, especially if you’re a beginner to the software. First, there’s the subscriptions themselves. The lowest cost option which happens to be free. The second cheapest choice after the free version is only $1.67, but is billed on an annual basis. The full price for this plan is just $19.99 a month, an outstanding price. There are no monthly plans with the password manager, so go with another option if you don’t want to purchase to extend longer than a month.


  • There are lots of plans that can be subscribed to with the service
  • Passwords can sync with the iPhone’s touch ID for accessibility
  • Decreases time spent from putting in passwords by hand


  • Some websites and apps may not fill in the password bar automatically, needing to be put in by hand




Dashlane has great software for iOS devices, especially iPhones. Their plans are also very affordable. The best in terms of pricing is the free plan, then the 3.33 a month that’s yearly. Encryption capabilities are very well built and place a shield over your traffic that’s sent to the database. Autofill is sometimes annoying, particularly when placing information into new websites. That’s because the app may not work well when sign ins that require two-factor authentication. But for everything else, Dashlane is well served for anyone in need of fast password manager.


  • Plans are affordable and won’t put a major dent in user’s wallets
  • Has military-grade encryption
  • Compatible with Safari


  • The automatic sign-in feature can become a nuisance when filling out new web accounts




eWallet links passwords fast to your account with the service. It utilizes a master password to help you log in, although you could always go for a simpler way to connect. If you would prefer this, simply use the Apple sign in ID or your touch ID to open up the application, or autofill information. One big advantage is how the app never appears to cause crashing, something that could be a problem with select alternative that attempt to autofill. But the performance of your iPhone might be lowered if there’s too much open when the autifill is in progress, so go slowly with eWallet and it will work wonders for lowering your time making accounts.


  • Quick setup time when linking password to the manager’s database
  • Going through the options of the application itself is easy for beginners
  • Doesn’t cause other applications to crash


  • Could slow down the overall performance of the iPhone




DataVault has great paid plans that you don’t have to “pay” for when you first put the app on your iPhone. That’s right-the program runs a long free trial period that lasts for thirty days. You don’t even have to provide your payment information when that happens, so pay later when you’ve decided that the tool is a good choice for an extension. Some apps might not autofill currently, and could result in your spending more time filling out info than relying on the auto feature itself. If you experience this, try restarting or reinstalling the program, which could clear things up.


  • A 30-day trial offer is provided to all customers
  • Updates frequently in order to prevent potential Zero-day exploits
  • Virtually impossible to decipher its end-to-end encryption technology


  • May not work well with all applications



Enpass Manager

Enpass Manager has great customer service that can handle issues very fast And while you’re probably not going to have any issues with it in any case, it’s still nice to know that you’re in good hands in something does go wrong. As for the app’s performance, it can authenticate passwords for a brief period, returning them back to the ordinary one when you’re done. This can help when you grant someone access to an individual account for a moment, but has its uses for entertainment purposes as well, maybe you want a friend to check out an email, or even an invoice on your PayPal. Whatever the case may be, Enpass is a good PM for your iPhone.


  • Contact info and contextual information can be saved to the application’s database
  • Can authenticate temporary passwords
  • Allows users to keep track or short or duplicate passwords that aren’t recommended


  • May not synch the usernames on some websites
  • Since all passwords are saved locally, users must rely on third-party based applications to sync with other smartphones/computers




mSecure’s iPhone application is set up great for people that like to organize their folders well, but don’t want to keep them readily obtainable on the phone itself. It’s supported by touch ID and pin, whereby you can pick either one or just a single password. Templates can be made directly on the app, and folders separated based on category of the info you need on the manager. It’s suggested if you dislike password managers that don’t have good in-app folder options.


  • Searching for passwords is easy to do, doesn’t require navigating through lots of folders
  • The password generator has an option to change the strength and length of passwords
  • Templates can be saved, either in the database on printed


  • No WLAN sync available



Password Safe Manager Lock App

Password Safe Manager Lock App continues in the line of iOS apps that are fully supported with touch ID. On top of that, you can also use your face ID if you have the newest editions of the iPhone that did away with biometrics. The trial period is a week, a good timeframe to check out all the features and get your passwords properly synched. If you do end up with the free version, you won’t get all of the features given with the paid version. Still, it can be used for any plan that you choose. Try it out for its fast sync times with iCloud.


  • TouchID support is provided
  • Comes with a 1-week trial period
  • Short wait times during cloud sync


  • Only yearly subscriptions are available for purchase




SafeInCloud is the final password manager but one that can be compared to any of the others on the list. You can save URLs and documents that are text with the app. Your photos and PDF files can be uploaded, never worrying about what would happen if you lost your iPhone. Any time that you change password with the app, it keeps a record of the information, in case you want to revert back to the old key. The biggest disadvantage is that you might have to wait a few seconds for autofill to come up with your data on a website, especially those that have lots of boxes in the HTML. But it remains a good buy for users that need an app to completely replace the default Keychain option for Safari.


  • Stores URLs, pins, and even text of documents on or off the web
  • Older passwords that are no longer in use are saved on record
  • Minimal feel to the application, simple to memorize


  • Autofill may not be turned on during installation
  • Autofill may take several seconds to load on pages with multiple text boxes




Are Password Managers Safe?

Absolutely, so long as you know a bit about the company that’s behind the application. In this case, password managers are just like any other app that you place on your iPhone; there are good programs and shardy ones. Stick to what’s recommended from multiple sources, and check the company users policy for any stipulations that might be disagreeable.


How easy will it be for me to switch from Keychain to a separate Password Manager?

Doing this is very easy, and the keychain itself can be turned on with the password manager if you would like. Depending on the app that you’re using, this could be either automatic or manual. Thankfully, most of those in the App Store have automated this and will get your passwords transferred as soon as you open it (the app) for the first time.



One good thing about having an iPhone is that many password managers have been checked already by Apple for trustworthiness. But it’s still a good idea to see what’s going on with an app’s latest updates, which can sometimes be unpredictable. Still, those shown in the reviews and guaranteed to work well for you, including other devices that you use it with when you’re not on your iPhone. Try them all out if there’s a free trial, and you’ll see something that’s get’s your approval.

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