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Running a small business is no easy task, regardless if it consists of mostly physical labor or IT work. No matter the company, your reliance on computers is likely high. And if so, keeping tabs on the passwords of accounts can quickly become a big problem if forgotten or they come up missing. But there’s an easy way to fix that. Password managers are cloud and/or locally-based apps that do the memorization for you. If your desk is riddled with Post-It notes containing jots of usernames and other info, a password manager will save such information, resulting in a cleaner workstation. The ten evaluated below are great for businesses, so read them all to see which one will help make your day-to-day work activities a little bit easier.


What is a Password Manager?

For the most part, password managers are very simple. Instead of having to memorize or keep your passwords stored in unsafe locations, they allow you to bundle them all into one location on either your computer or remote servers. To unlock them, the app will provide a primary password, which would be the only one that requires you to know. Speaking on a bundle, we’re talking hundreds or even thousands of accounts, including those that you use for employees. When you need to create a new account, either for someone working for you or outside of the job, simply add it to the database and it will be available to them. And in the case that your employees have confidential info that needs to be stored, many of the apps shown below can prevent others from accessing said data, including yourself.


How They Protect You

When you log into an account using the old fashioned method of typing in the password that’s saved on the browser you operate, doing so could open up you to all sorts of hidden malware that aim to send your data to hackers. Keyloggers and malicious code that can copy the autofill data that’s embedded into the browser can access your usernames and password combinations, no matter how complex they are. The best way to prevent these sorts of crimes is to use apps that’ll store such information completely outside of the browser itself. Additionally, encryption is another hurdle that password managers have that make it nearly impossible for them to get access to your master password. So even if a computer is infected, the exploit couldn’t crack through the cipher.



  • Dashlane: Encryption Type: AES-256; Cloud Services: Yes; Business Plan Featured: Yes
  • RoboForm: Encryption Type: AES-256; Cloud Services: Yes; Business Plan Featured: Yes
  • 1Password: Encryption Type: AES-256; Cloud Services: Yes; Business Plan Featured: Yes
  • LastPass: Encryption Type: AES-256; Cloud Services: Yes; Business Plan Featured: Yes
  • Zoho Vault: Encryption Type: AES-256; Cloud Services: Yes; Business Plan Featured: Yes
  • Sticky Password: Encryption Type: AES-256; Cloud Services: Yes; Business Plan Featured: Premium Only
  • Log Me Once: Encryption Type: AES-256; Cloud Services: Yes; Business Plan Featured: Yes
  • CommonKey: Encryption Type: AES-256; Cloud Services: Yes; Business Plan Featured: Premium Only
  • Splikity: Encryption Type: AES-256; Cloud Services: Yes; Business Plan Featured: Premium Only
  • Keeper Security: Encryption Type: AES-256; Cloud Services: Yes; Business Plan Featured: Yes


Top 10 Best Password Managers for Businesses – Try Out These Ten Password Managers for Your Business



The Dashlane password manager has one business plan that costs only four dollars a month. That amounts to just $48.00 for the entire year. And since you would pay for it all at once, you’ll have the service for 12 months without having to worry about fees again. It has all the benefits that are provided to customers through their premium, along with Customer Success Manager that can manager over 50 people with one account.


  • Business prices are friendly
  • All data is encrypted with a single password
  • The autofill feature works quickly, even on websites with lots of text boxes


  • Pairing with other devices is difficult to do for beginners



When you download Roboform to your desktop or phone, you’ll have the option to start off with a 14-day free trial, including their business plan. All features of the application can be shared with other employers, to which they can save important passwords without having to memorize them. If you work in an office setting, the app can be very useful. The company gives weekly webinars to show users and curious potential customers how to use it for business, and the Management Console helps supervisors merge employee account info into one database.


  • The Safenotes feature allows users to store important and sensitive information (addresses, contacts, etc)
  • Good customer service; responds to issues quickly
  • Additional people within the network can store data that remain confidential from anyone else, including the primary account holder/administrator


  • Initial setup is confusing to do without instruction



1Password’s free trial period goes up to thirty days without customers needing to pay for anything upfront. The app makes it easy for managers to control employee accounts. It also makes reports using analytics to see how workers use company accounts that are stored in the system. You (and others) can upload documents of all kinds, and save an unlimited number of passwords to the system, with many of the features for doing so being automatic. The application updates very often, and improvements are regularly made to keep security threats far away from the platform.


  • Has a simple design and interface to the app
  • Great for full-scale enterprises with lots of employee records that must be accessed quickly
  • Updates frequently


  • No way to contact via phone, only through a support ticket



The LastPass password manager has taken into consideration the amount of accounts that many office employees have to deal with regularly. Sometimes, this could be in the hundreds. Regardless, the service will help you and your workers maintain multiple accounts without the need to jot them all down. And since passwords are created with the system itself, they tend to be stronger than the average that are created manually. Try out LastPass for its robust application that’s easy to control, and fast syncing capabilities.


  • Easy to switch from device to device
  • Doesn’t lag, even when autofill loads very long passwords (Over 50 characters)
  • Keeps a score count of ways that users can improve their security while the program is in use


  • Can become expensive, especially for small businesses that run a tight budget



Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault is filled with impressive features that make it deserve a spot on the list. You can keep track of employee records easy with this, and share files and data between other users in the system. It’ll also show you what workers have access to accounts and/or password in the application, and how they’re logging into them. You can give privileges to individual accounts if needed. Unfortunately, there are no browser extensions provided by the application. But Zoho for Business is still a good choice for anyone that needs better control of accounts being used at work.


  • Has inexpensive business plans
  • Users can choose (optionally) to copy and paste their passwords
  • Passwords can be bundled together for group use or shared in between groups


  • No browser extensions included with plans



Sticky Password

Sticky Password has a business plan that’s referred to as the Premium for teams. With it, you can share saved passwords across smartphones, tablets and computers. The password generator tools is quite nice, and long strings of passwords can be made for accounts fast. When you’re doing this, it’s easy to judge the strength of them since Sticky will show you how protected you are with different character combinations.


  • If wanted, no buttons need to be pressed when automatically logging into accounts
  • Most popular browsers and some alternatives are supported through extensions
  • Can be ported via USB


  • May run slow on older model computers



Log Me Once

Log Me Once has two business plans, the ordinary that’s free and the other costing $4.00 (monthly). The Business Edition, which won’t cost you anything, doesn’t have all of the featured given with the Enterprise plan. It lacks an automatic password changer and the ability to log into the account with photo ID. There are other attributes missing with the normal plan for business, so consider going with the pricier choice if you can.


  • Business owners can try out the free plan first before moving on to the paid version
  • Multiple support options; fast ticketing system
  • Two-factor authentication works much faster than what’s given with competitors


  • Not recommended for users unfamiliar with the way cloud servicer work




CommonKey is used by many companies, and their representative pride themselves on giving a service to their base that’s great for assigning quick passwords to lots of people (in this case, workers) in a jiffy. The primary account holder can allow other users temporary access to particular accounts when necessary, so it can be used efficiently in an office with workers who need to use accounts for a brief time period. The trial is 30 days in total, give it a go if you’re looking for a password manager with a clean interface and that’s easy to learn quickly.


  • Dashboard passwords can be added on the fly
  • Users can grant other temporary access to accounts without them knowing the real password
  • Updates and sent to all passwords, or selectively chosen
  • Can be tried for 30 days without providing payment information


  • No business plan that’s separate from the primary




Splikity has a monthly and annual plan, with the longer duration being cheaper over 12 months. It’s a 17-percent saving compared to the shorter one. In the long run, you’ll end up paying a little extra than some password managers ask from customers, but the application is still recommended. All encryption is done locally which helps prevent hypothetical intrusions into your accounts. Even the company themselves won’t be able to access your content save in the app. In synch to all major operating systems, and has few flaws other than the occasional lag.


  • Features encryption on the web and on the device being used by the application
  • Tests often for vulnerabilities and Zero-day exploits
  • Has Apple Watch


  • Lags on occasion



Keeper Security

Keeper Security has a business and enterprise plan, the latter being a little over a dollar more per month than the other. Both of them have very impressive features but the enterprise is a better choice if your job requires handling very sensitive information, such as customer records. It automates team management and doesn’t let anyone into accounts every time without authenticating themselves. The autofill feature is precise but could stall if your work computer is old. Recommended for both small and large businesses.


  • Multi-platform support, including Linux
  • Backups are quick and won’t take longer than a few minutes
  • Easy installation


  • Autofill may not work well with computers that have many open applications



Buyer’s Guide/FAQs


Will a Password Manager help with Productivity?

It can, especially if you’ve found yourself getting disorganized and having to frequently change the passwords of employees. Or maybe you spend too much time making new accounts or attempting to manage accounts from employees that are already on your team. These things can be a huge time killer altogether, and the number of wasted hours would be better spent on getting real work done. With a password manager, a lot of the activities that could cost you are automated, making it simple to stick to what’s important for your work.


What features are usually exclusive to Business Plans?

You’ll find that business plans oftentimes have better features when it comes to allowing others to access your account securely. However, this shouldn’t be confused with the master password; they will have access only to what you grant them. If it happens to be just one account or a new one that needs to be created, that’s the only thing your employer will see. You can also monitor the activities of employers this way to see how accounts are handled. Another feature that could be exclusive is extended customer support that’s much easier to get in touch with when you need them.



Operating a business can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be made any harder than what it already is. If much of your works take place on a computer, the password managers detailed in this article will get you to stop worrying over things that you don’t have to stress over when you’re busy. They’re surprisingly cheap, with many plans costing less than $50 for a year. Others might even be free. Your employees will be happier since your application will save all account information for them, or allow sharing work-related information with other people fast. Choose any of the password managers, and you’ll find yourself in better shape to be more productive on the job.

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